Procession of the Noble

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Procession of the Noble
Procession of the Noble
Type Battlecraft Leve
Category Temperance
Level 5
Classes Disciples of War and Magic
Starting NPC Graceful Song
NPC Location Western Thanalan - Scorpion Crossing (x26,y24)
Duration 20m
Objective Defeat all targets in the locations specified., Locations visited: 0/4
Enemies Blood-eyed Buzzard
Description The sultana has declared she will soon make a journey to Scorpion Crossing to provide her royal blessing to the people who have labored there to rebuild their lives. The Sultansworn will see that she is provided with more than enough protection; however, no chances can be taken. The royal court seeks adventurers to travel to Scorpion Crossing and clear the area of any and all threats before the procession begins.
Rewards ??
Experience 336
Gil 49

Procession of the Noble is a level 5 Battlecraft Leve Guildleve in Western Thanalan. Players can start the levequest by talking to Graceful Song in Western Thanalan (x26,y24).


  • Defeat all targets in the locations specified.
  • Locations visited: 0/4

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