Passing the Blade

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Passing the Blade

Quest giver
Central Thanalan (X:23, Y:16)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1 Antique Dagger Icon.png  Antique Dagger
Experience 4,620
Gil 196
Previous quest
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Next quest
Following Footfalls
This Fishwife's Life
Lominsan Rubbish
Angling Ankle-biters

Leofric would like you to deliver an item to Horizon.

— In-game description



  • Fufulupa is shocked to see the dagger in your possession, explaining that only captains of the Brass Blades of the Rose are permitted to carry it. Nevertheless, he takes it into safekeeping until Leofric comes to reclaim it.


Leofric: As you may have noticed, I'm in no shape to leave Lost Hope right now. So, in my stead, I'd like you to return to Horizon and give this dagger to Fufulupa.

Leofric: Although it's just an old, ornamental dagger, it belongs with the Brass Blades of the Rose.

Leofric: Aye, I should've given it to the boy before I came here...

Fufulupa: Ah, [Forename]! I received word from Captain Leofric the other day. Thank you for delivering the letter for me!

Fufulupa: Wh-Why do you have that dagger!? Only a captain of the Brass Blades of the Rose is permitted to possess it!

Fufulupa: Captain Leofric says I am to have it? There must be some mistake!

Fufulupa: He couldn't possibly mean to tell me that─ No, no, of course not. I am not worthy to wield it.

Fufulupa: Nevertheless, I shall respect the captain's wishes and take the dagger into safekeeping until he comes to reclaim it.