This Fishwife's Life

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Sidequest.pngWestern Thanalan Quest

Quest Giver Edalene - Western Thanalan (x15, y18)
Requirements Level 12
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 2625   
Bronze gauntlets icon1.png, Fingerless hard leather gloves icon1.png, Hard leather lightmitts icon1.png, Allagan bronze piece icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
Passing the Blade




  • Remove debris from the trawling nets.
  • Speak with Edalene.


  • Edalene of Crescent Cove seeks help removing debris caught in her nets.
  • Aid Edalene by removing the debris from her trawling nets.
  • The trawling nets have been picked clean. Report back to Edalene.
  • After expressing her gratitude, Edalene goes on about how the life of a fishwife is a life of repairing nets and praying for calm waters and large hauls.

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