Pass the Smell Hest

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As of Patch 3.1, this quest has been removed from the game and replaced with the quest Answering the Call.
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Pass the Smell Hest

Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:21, Y:7)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 0
Gil 939
Previous quest
Hest of the Best
Next quest
You're Gonna Carry That

When a man like Slafborn thinks well of you, you are wont to find yourself performing a dangerous and unpleasant task in short order.

— In-game description




  • Though your sense of smell has deserted you for what you hope is only a short while, the guildhest is an unqualified success. Report the happy fact to Slafborn.
  • Thanks to your fellow adventurers' fondness for ale and gossip, Toxic Tamlyn's demise has become the talk of Revenant's Toll. Slafborn declares the guild's morale to be unwaveringly high, before slyly reminding you that this too is a kind of sorcery.


Accepting the Quest

Slafborn: Ah, I forgot to mention before -- I received word from the guild that they've seen more adventurers join hests in the last few days than in the past moon.

Slafborn: Heh, but of course one good turn leads to another... we hope. There's a hest that might be too much for those who have expressed an interest. Your presence could mean the difference between life and death.

Slafborn: There's a morbol-- Now, don't you roll your eyes, I've smelled my share of them too! As I was saying -- there's a morbol making a nuisance of itself that needs getting rid of. Not that I've no faith in the other volunteers, but I suspect few of them have felt the lash of a morbol's feelers before.

Slafborn: Ignominy isn't something we can afford at the present. We have appearances to keep up if we are to maintain our growth, after all. A seasoned adventurer like you ought to know that a bad reputation's like bad breath: no one will ever speak frankly of what ails you.

Slafborn: You're to complete a mission at the guild's behest. If anybody can handle a cross morbol and its raw helpers, it's you. Not the most pleasant hest, I'll warrant, but with your prowess, Toxic Tamlyn is likely to meet his demise without lashing the hide off some youngster first. Think what you'll do for other adventurers... and for the Scions' relationship with the guild.

Finishing the Quest

Slafborn: You return, and smelling as sweetly, I rejoice to remark.

Slafborn: Your reputation precedes you yet again -- the Seventh Heaven is abuzz with talk of your deeds. We've already signed up a score or more for new guildhests.

Slafborn: Revenant's Toll grows and prospers, to the benefit of the guild and the Scions. Did I not tell you there is much magic in being prepared?

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