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Over the Wall

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Over the Wall

Over the Wall Image.png
Quest giver
Fortemps Manor (X:6, Y:5)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 96,000
Gil 517
Previous quest
The Better Half
Next quest
Work in Progress
Contingency Supplies
Stolen Goods
Memories in the Snow

Lord Artoirel is less than eager to brief you on his mission.

— In-game description





  • Ser Artoirel de Fortemps, eldest son of Count Edmont de Fortemps, did not expect to have company on his mission to aid houses Durendaire and Dzemael -- a prospect he was not particularly enthusiastic about in the first place, given the ancient rivalries between Ishgard's noble families. Worse, in electing to install you at his son's side, the count has given Artoirel cause to believe that his father does not trust him to carry out his duties alone. Regardless, the knight means to respect Edmont's wishes, and bids you join him at the chocobo stables in Foundation, where you will secure transport to Falcon's Nest.
  • You learn that Ser Artoirel has already procured a pair of black chocobo porters to carry the two of you beyond Snowcloak and into the western highlands. Secure your belongings and brace yourself for what promises to be a memorable journey.
  • You arrive in Falcon's Nest none the worse for wear. Speak with Lord Artoirel and see what he would have you do next.
  • After cursory small talk, Lord Artoirel strides off to look for Ser Redwald, who has command in Falcon's Nest. Follow the young lord and introduce yourself to the knight in charge.
  • Ser Redwald recounts the tragic fate of Falcon's Nest, which was abandoned during the Ishgardian withdrawal shortly after the Calamity. Happily, it seems the time has come to reclaim what was lost, and through deeds great and small, the House Durendaire knight hopes you will help to facilitate the settlement's reconstruction.

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