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My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain

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My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain

Quest giver
Jenomis cen Lexentale
The Prima Vista Tiring Room (X:5.8, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Return to Ivalice

Required items
1  Empty Dalmascan Wine Bottle
1  Lea Monde Valens
1  Suhd Viandja Rosé
Experience 0
Gil 2,480
Previous quest
Next quest

Something is on Principal Jenomis's mind. Unfortunately, it is not what you think it is.

— In-game description



  • /soothe the shaken Drest.
  • /comfort the crestfallen Drest.


  • Taking full advantage of the loose end at which you find yourself, the Majestic's self-proclaimed “wandering dramaturge” has requested your aid in fetching -- ahem, procuring him a bottle of wine, preferably rose-themed.
  • Wineport vintner Shamani Lohmani knows of a wine that might tickle your client's fancy, but sadly cannot claim to have a bottle in his cellars. Yet he also knows that if anyone could, it would be his friend and rival (but mostly rival) Byrglaent.
  • One would hope Byrglaent's vintages contain less pith than his reply to your request for a bottle of Suhd Viandja. But at least the vitriolic vintner was kind enough to point you in the direction of one who might take pity on your plight -- prodigal plutocrat Gegeruju of Costa del Sol.
  • But of course Master Gegeruju has a bottle of vintage Suhd Viandja, and of course he will not part with it... unless, that is, you bring him a bottle of Dalmascan wine in exchange. As for where to find a wine so rare, only a blind Lalafellin vintner might know. Fortunately, you know just the man.
  • Against his own better judgment, Shamani Lohmani suggests that you speak with a veteran of the Dalmascan conflict, Drest, to see if he might have a bottle of his homeland's finest.
  • Drest is handling the trauma of witnessing his home nation being reduced to rubble about as well as one might expect. A soothing gesture might help to quieten his demons.
  • Drest is handling your soothing gesture about as well as one who witnessed his home nation reduced to rubble might. Will a comforting gesture work any better? There is only one way to find out.
  • Sufficiently comforted by your words, Drest is blessed with a rare moment of spiritual solace in which he recalls a heartfelt memory of his wife and her queer habit of corking empty wine bottles -- bottles not unlike the one he once discarded in a midden heap under the Severed String.
  • You discover an empty, yet corked, bottle of wine that could be Dalmascan. The blind vintner of Wineport should know more.
  • Thanks in part to the faint scent still lingering on the cork, Shamani Lohmani is able to confirm beyond doubt that Drest's empty bottle did indeed contain Dalmascan wine. Sadly, however, the vintner believes that Gegeruju is unlikely to accept a lingering scent in exchange for the Suhd Viandja. Luckily, Shamani Lohmani is, for once, not the only other soul in the winery, as Hancock of the East Aldenard Trading Company just happens to be visiting Eorzea on business. Having eavesdropped on your conversation, he proceeds to offer up a most wicked solution: fill the empty bottle with a Hingan red and pass it off as a genuine Lea Monde Valens. He even provides you with a bottle of the suggested substitute, free of charge. Though Shamani Lohmani vehemently disapproves, he quite literally turns a blind eye to your brazen act of counterfeiture. All that remains is to make the exchange.
  • Hancock's scheme is a success. Oblivious to the bottle's true content, Gegeruju keeps his end of the bargain and presents you with a bottle of vintage Suhd Viandja rosé.
  • Upon delivering the finely fermented fruits of your labor to the wandering dramaturge, he tells you it is, in fact, a gift for his wife -- none other than the company belle -- to celebrate the day the two first met.
  • Satisfied with your effort, the dramaturge offers you both his thanks and a little something for your trouble. He is also eager to inform you that while you were away, Principal Jenomis was able to discover further information regarding Ridorana.


Accepting the Quest

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Ridorana is proving to be quite the enigma. With every answer comes countless new questions. This may take longer than I expected.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: But you are doubtless eager to know why I requested your presence. Our resident dramaturge mentioned there was something he wished to ask of you. As my work here is far from complete, I wondered if you might not indulge the man while you wait?

Wandering Dramaturge: “There's few so loath to take their rest
Than 'venturers without a quest,
For shorn of work to give them worth,
They soon become a source of mirth.”

Player: Quoth the man idling in an airship. / Adventure will find me in time.

"Quoth the man idling in an airship."

Wandering Dramaturge: Touché! I shall leave you to your devices, then!

"Adventure will find me in time."

Wandering Dramaturge: Oh, but it has, my friend. It has! My colleagues tell me that if one in this land ever needs an item fetched that you are the [man/woman] to speak to. I find this philanthropic compulsion fascinating, and so -- in the interests of research into my next play, let's say -- I seek to put said compulsion to the test... Assuming you are game, of course.

Wandering Dramaturge: Bring me a bottle of wine. Ah, but not just any wine. Make it rose-themed. And make it Eorzean. I've had my fill of the bitter blends offered here in the East.

Wandering Dramaturge: Where to start? Oh, if only there were some port where thirsty Eorzeans went for their wine, you would surely be there speaking with its foremost blind Lalafellin vintner, and not here with me.

Wandering Dramaturge: Are you truly going to make me spell it out for you? Bah, all right. Go to Wineport in eastern La Noscea and speak with Shamani Lohmani. I am assured he is the region's leading authority. If he cannot point you in the direction of a proper drop, no one can.

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Worry not, [Player] -- I will let you know the moment I find something.

Speaking with Shamani

Shamani Lohmani: <sniff> <sniff> Soy and spice...sprinkled with a subtle soupçon of the steppe. You have traveled far, my friend. What is it you seek here in Wineport?

Shamani Lohmani: ...A rose-themed wine? You would be hard-pressed to find a wine that did not display some hint of rose, so we can assume that your client was not referring to a desired bouquet. Perhaps a name, or a label, or--

Shamani Lohmani: A bottle. Yes, I seem to recall a certain vintage rosé sold in crystal bottles with a single red rose on the label. Alas, I have nothing as rare amongst my personal stock. As for who might... well, there's always Byrglaent, I suppose.

Shamani Lohmani: I would assume Byrglaent is where he always is -- in his manor, fussing over his precious hoard.

Speaking with Byrglaent

Byrglaent: Pah! Only an uncultured fool would select a wine based solely on its bottle!

Byrglaent: As it happens, however, said fool would be undeservingly rewarded with one of Vylbrand's best wines were he to select a vintage Suhd Viandja. Not that your client would have the palate to properly appreciate its depth and complexity.

Byrglaent: But let us dispense with the pretense. You are the fool in question, and do not bother to deny it. A fool who has aimed too high. One of your standing could live a thousand lifetimes and still not amass the wealth required to purchase even an empty bottle.

Byrglaent: ...Oh, price is no object, is it? Hah! Even if I believed you -- and, I do not -- I have a reputation to uphold as a vintner and viticulturist. Were my clients to learn I was peddling the choice of my collection to the likes of you, they would never do business with me again!

Byrglaent: ...Bah! All right. Just to see the back of you, I shall do you the kindness of directing your steps unto one who might take pity on your plight -- assuming he does not find amusement in it. Master Gegeruju of Costa del Sol. But do not tell him I sent you.

Byrglaent: While I will admit to having taken some pleasure in disappointing you the first time, I did not expect to be asked to repeat the feat.

Byrglaent: Did I not make myself clear? Now begone, or I shall summon the Yellowjackets. Costa del Sol is right where Master Gegeruju built it.

Speaking with Gegeruju

Gegeruju: [Player]! It is always a pleasure, and I do mean that. My ladies inform me you come inquiring after a bottle of Suhd Viandja, but I told them they must be mistaken. Not even you would be foolish enough to think you could─

Gegeruju: Oh, you are serious. Ah hah hah hah hah hah! [Player], you do realize one could purchase an entire estate in Mist for the price of a single bottle. Or five estates for the price of five bottles -- which happens to be the number of bottles of Suhd Viandja I have in my collection.

Gegeruju: Now, I am not an unreasonable man. Let none say the venerable Gegeruju does not value a friendship as deep as the one you and I have forged. So in my boundless generosity, I offer you the opportunity for a trade. A bottle of vintage Suhd Viandja for... a mere magnum of fine Dalmascan.

Gegeruju: Never heard of the stuff? And I thought I was talking to a fellow connoisseur! I pity the poor vintner back in Wineport who will have to educate you. Until then, my friend, the offer stands. Ah hah hah hah!

Returning to Shamani

Shamani Lohmani: First Suhd Viandja, and now Dalmascan wine? Might I interest you in an aged Lominsan red instead?

Shamani Lohmani: No, I thought not. Well, then you have your work cut out for you. There was a time Dalmascan wine was fairly easy to procure, even here in Vylbrand, but that was before the Empire razed the better part of the kingdom, vineyards and all.

Shamani Lohmani: If there are any surviving bottles, it would be those that were exported before the imperial invasion... over thirty summers past, though I've not encountered any in a decade or more, either at auction or in private hands.

Shamani Lohmani: Collectors are covetous creatures. If one were to have somehow acquired a bottle, there is little chance he would willingly part with such a treasure... which leaves only those brought over by the few Dalmascan refugees who fled to Eorzea.

Shamani Lohmani: My good friend Drest once called Dalmasca home... but the scars left after the exodus have yet to fully mend. He may know something of the wine you seek, but I fear any mention of his past might reopen old wounds. Mayhap I should not have spoken. <sigh> I cannot prevent you from treating with the man, but if you do, I would ask that you show due compassion.

Visiting Drest

Drest: Can't... Can't sleep... They won't let me... The midges won't let me... They buzz and they scream...

Drest: They scream as they burn... But I just stand there... Stand there and listen to their screams...their buzzing. Why won't it go away...? Why won't it go away!? Will someone please make it go away...?

System: Drest is haunted by his memories of the Garlean invasion of Dalmasca. Try and /soothe him.

Drest: You... I know you. You were here before. You sent away the midges... They came back, though... They always come back. They mock me. Tell me I can never go home... I just want to go home... I cannot stand it here anymore...

Drest: My son... My daughter... How will they survive without their father? They must be so frightened... I need to go home. Now. I cannot stay... Please...

System: Drest cannot bear the pain of being away from his homeland. Further /comfort might help.

Drest: Wine... My wife loved wine... We would drink a glass...a glass of Valens every night before sunset... She would always keep the cork... I always thought that odd... What good is a cork? Toss it in the midden heap along with the bottle, I'd say... But she... She...

Drest: Toss it in the midden heap along with the bottle, I'd say... Toss it away... Toss it away...

Finding the Bottle

System: Though you find several empty wine bottles amongst the rubbish, one in particular calls out to you... Take it to Shamani Lohmani to confirm its origin.

Shamani Lohmani: How is Drest? I do hope your visit did not disquiet the poor soul...

Shamani Lohmani: So you have brought me an empty bottle-- Ah, but what is this? The cork remains in place! That is most fortunate.

Shamani Lohmani: If an adequate seal was made, there may still be traces of the wine within! May I?

Shamani Lohmani: Flamboyant, yet elegant. A thought-provoking blend of kukuru beans and cinnamon, with just a hint of... is that rosemary? A veritable kaleidoscope of both opulence and refinement.

Shamani Lohmani: Long has it been since I last encountered a bouquet of such complexity, yet I recall it as if it were yesterday. Without question, this bottle once held a Dalmascan Lea Monde red by the name of Valens. To think I would have the opportunity to experience it again after so many summers...

Shamani Lohmani: ...But I suspect Master Gegeruju will not be as satisfied with a sniff as I.

Shamani Lohmani: Now, one without scruples might see the empty bottle as the basis for a ruse--

Hancock: One man's ruse is another man's keikaku!

Hancock: Over the years, I have had numerous dealings with the lord of Costa del Sol, and while he is many things, an expert on wines is not one of them.

Hancock: Not that it would matter if he were. Men of his standing invariably find more joy in boasting of their acquisitions than in consuming them. In all likelihood, Master Gegeruju will never even open the bottle, rendering the provenance of its contents practically irrelevant.

Hancock: Ah, but where are my manners? These forays back to western climes always bring out the barbarian in me. It is a pleasure, [Player]. Lest you wonder at my presence here, my employers see promise in the Hingan wine trade, and desire the establishment of a viable route 'twixt east and west. I am come to see their plan to fruition.

Hancock: But returning to your dilemma, I believe that I may be of assistance. I just so happen to have on my person several sample bottles of Hingan wine made with grapes similar to those once found in Dalmasca. For a close acquaintance, I would be more than willing to part with one that she might fill her empty vessel.

Shamani Lohmani: But that would be... unjust! As a maker of wine, I cannot allow it!

Hancock: Master Gegeruju has cozened more of his clients than he can count. How do you think the man amassed his fortune? By playing fair? Would that the world were thus. But I am here to tell you it is not.

Hancock: So! It is decided then. We shall employ deceit as our morally justified means to a happy end.

Shamani Lohmani: W-Wait! This is a fool's errand!

Hancock: Then let us be glad our quarry is a fool himself!

Hancock: Now, if you will excuse me, I must go and tell the gentle citizens of Wineport why they should be drinking Hingan. Good day!

Shamani Lohmani: <sigh> I saw nothing. Nothing at all.

Delivering the "Dalmascan" Wine

Gegeruju: By the gods... You actually found one? A bottle of Dalmascan wine!? Oho! We must uncork it right away!

Gegeruju: Mmm... yes... A lush bouquet of... herbaceous... dignification, coupled with... earthen undertones... and, uh... so forth...

Gegeruju: ...In short, the very epitome of a Dalmascan red! Yes, you have outdone yourself this time, [Player]!

Gegeruju: And a promise is a promise. Ladies! The bottles of Suhd Viandja, if you please!

Gegeruju: Take whichever you fancy... except for the one with the rose. That is my favorite. Or... whichever you fancy. Ahem.

Around the Prima Vista

Jenomis cen Lexentale: Is that wine you have brought us? The sentiment is appreciated, but this is no time for celebration. Pray put the bottle away so that we may begin.

Company Tragedienne: Yes, the Bangaa attacked you, stole the principal's precious heirloom, and held a knife to the throat of his daughter... but I don't see any reason why we shouldn't forgive them, do you?

Company Belle: We all have our ways of remaining calm when tensions flare. Me? Red -- preferably vintage.

Company Dancer: One, two, three... One, two, three... Do you think the Bangaa have dances of their own? And do you think they would show me? No? You're probably right...

Company Tragedian: Finally leaving, are we? Well, this should be exciting! Though not for those lizards, perhaps... especially if it turns out their captain has gone the way of that other fellow.

Company Muscle: Their ways may be barbaric, but their hearts seem true enough... as do their upper arms, their thighs, and their abdomens. Gods... those abdomens!

Company Thespian: I will admit, since arriving here in the south, there has not been a dull moment. Not that life back in Garlemald is dull, by any means. Only that you foreigners seem to embrace chaos where the sane man would seek to prevent it.

Company Musician: When all of this is over, I am going to ask the principal for leave to visit the Dalmascan mainland. If Dalmasca's ties to Ivalice are as strong as he claims, there may be much to gain from studying the kingdom's musical tradition.

Lina Mewrilah: I may or may not have overheard our friend the dramaturge utter the word “fetch” a time or three during your last conversation. Don't let it discourage you. I know these tasks would be far from simple were it not for the trust you have fostered with the people of some half-dozen nations.

Alma bas Lexentale: I humbly apologize on behalf of the Majestic. What made the players think they might order you about like some lowborn scullion I do not know, but I, for one, condemn their actions. I shall speak with Father about having the relevant parties reprimanded.

Ramza bas Lexentale: While you were gallivanting about in Vylbrand, my father and I have been hard at work. We believe we may have discovered something.

Delivering the Suhd Viandja

Wandering Dramaturge: They say a rose is a rose is a rose. So tell me, adventurer, is that a rose in your pocket, or are you simply here for small talk?

Wandering Dramaturge: A bottle of vintage Suhd Viandja!? You never cease to amaze!

Wandering Dramaturge: But what is most amazing is your impeccable sense of timing. Today marks the twelfth anniversary of the day I met my dear wife... And if there was one thing she loved more than wine, it was roses. <sniff> Would that she were here today to... to...

Wandering Dramaturge: Ah, but I jest. My wife is very much alive. In fact...

Wandering Dramaturge: She's been here with us all along! Darling, would you care to join us?

Company Belle: For me? How thoughtful! But did you--

Wandering Dramaturge: Forget the most important gift of all? Of course not!

Wandering Dramaturge: Bacon bread! The perfect companion to a perfect wine... for my perfect companion.

Company Belle: Oh, darling... I think this might be our best anniversary yet!

Company Belle: What is a bottle of red without a piping-hot loaf of bacon bread to accompany it? That was a rhetorical question, by the way.

Finishing the Quest

Wandering Dramaturge: That played out better than I imagined. I suppose I have you to thank, adventurer. Though, it was the bacon bread that sealed the--

Wandering Dramaturge: Ah. Yes. Is that Principal Jenomis I hear calling? Perhaps he's made some progress with his research and requires your assistance. You had best not keep him waiting.


Wandering Dramaturge: Not exactly the time to indulge in a glass of wine? Rubbish! Moments such as these are exactly the time. However, out of respect, I shall refrain from uncorking this bottle until you return. You do not expect to be long, do you?

Company Belle: Principal Jenomis has once again begun scurrying hither and thither about the airship. Could it be our next destination is decided? If such is the case, I suppose I should yield my cup. Begrudgingly, mind you.

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