Way of the Fisher

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Way of the Fisher

Way of the Fisher.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7.9, Y:14.2)
Experience 100
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestSo You Want to Be a Fisher
Next quest
Feature QuestMy First Fishing Rod
Feature QuestA New Fishing Ex-spear-ience

Like any established group, the Fishermen's Guild has rites of passage would-be members must undergo. Let N'mulika know of your willingness to take the necessary steps.

— In-game description




  • Speak to Sisipu.


  • Like any established group, the Fishermen's Guild has rites of passage would-be members must undergo. Let N'mulika know of your willingness to take the necessary steps.
  • All who would join the guild must meet with acting guildmaster Sisipu's approval. See what she has to say.
  • Sisipu cheerfully grants you entry into the ranks of the Fishermen's Guild, and offers to pull you in on the fundamentals of fishing. Ready the fishing rod you received and speak to Sisipu once more.


Pre–quest Dialogue

N'nmulika: Well, a well–wishing welcome to you, adventurer friend! You've worked your way to Fisherman's Bottom.
N'nmulika: When you want fish for just a day, you can call a culinarian, but we fishermen feast for life!
N'nmulika: I've set the bait. Think you're ready to bite?
< Do you wish to join the Fishermen's Guild? >
< Yes >
< No >
< No >
N'nmulika: Oh? Here I hastily hoped to hook you in, but I suppose I'll find other fish in the sea.
N'nmulika: Feel free to swim back if ever fish fit your fancy!
< Yes >
N'nmulika: Hooray, hooray! Looks like we've got a live one! Let me walk you through the life of a fisherman in Limsa Lominsa.
N'nmulika: Since we're surrounded by the seas, the sighin sites are a fisherman's delight. If you can't fish it here, you can't fish it anywhere!
N'nmulika: While some of us rope our fish in with rods and reels, others skim the seabed with nets for creepy–crawly critters.
N'nmulika: You might say we cast a wide net—people prattle about our pullers just about everywhere in Limsa. 
N'nmulika: And there's much and more I haven't mentioned. We shepherd the ships, preside over the ports, manage the mongers, all while making sure not to leave any adventurers out to sea.
N'nmulika: I'll wager you prefer to work alone, so we'll start you off with the rod and reel.
N'nmulika: Now, you may not necessarily net the numbers net–fishing yields, but pole–fishing positively pulls prettier prizes.
N'nmulika: And that's the long and short of it! When you're ready for another bite of bait, I'll reel you in before the guildmaster!

Accepting the Quest

N'nmulika: I'd hate to hear you'd had a change of heart. You haven't have you?
N'nmulika: Spoken truly like a true bespoke fisherman! Well, then, it's time you met the guildmaster!
N'nmulika: But unfortuitously, unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, our nefarious netmaster is out fishing at the moment. This moment and every moment, that is.
N'nmulika: So Sisipu tends to tend to tasks that require tending to.
N'nmulika: Such as deciding whether you'll sink or swim with our guild.
N'nmulika: Sisipu's presiding over those pools, whenever you decidedly decide to say hello. She might seem somewhat standoffish, but she's only keeping an eye out for sharks. Be yourself and you have nothing to worry about!

Speaking with Sisipu

Sisipu: Yes, yes, save your breath. I heard every word between you and N'nmulika, so I know she told you my role here.
Sisipu: As she said, Wawalago's supposed to be guildmaster, but apparently he has bigger fish to fry, so all his work falls to me.
Sisipu: That includes making sure our new fish aren't shellfish idiots or potential anemones.
Sisipu: ...You've passed the first test by not laughing at that awful joke. Now you only need the right answer to this question: are you prepared to fish like you've never fished before?
< Are you prepared to fish like you've never fished before? >
< Yes >
< No >
< No >
Sisipu: Well! That might be an honest answer, but it's certainly not the right one. Come back when the answer is yes.
< Yes >
Sisipu: Well! You're smarter than the majority of bottom-dwellers that find their way here. Welcome to the guild!
Sisipu: Now, this wouldn't be much of a guild if we sent you out to sea with only a pole and a prayer, so I suppose I can spare you a few pearls of wisdom.
Sisipu: Nevertheless, you're still going to need that pole and prayer, so I can at least provide you with the former. Here you go. One out of two isn't bad. I'll even throw in these lugworms, since you're not like to get far without bait.
Sisipu: The rods we bestow upon our new fish are priceless objects, which is to say they don't cost anything. Once you know what you're doing, you'll probably want a proper one.
Sisipu: But in the meantime, let's see if you can figure out how to hold your pole. Ready the one I gave you and your lesson can begin.