Mortal Munchies

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Mortal Munchies

Cedrepierre Guildleve img.png
Quest giver
East Shroud (X:16, Y:27)
The Order of the Twin Adder
Required items
1 Luminous crystal icon1.png  Luminous Crystal
Disciples of War and Magic
Experience 1,392

A supply party has come under imp attack and its precious cargo of food stolen. The foul creatures transformed themselves into beastkin and vanished among the trees ere a chase could be given. You are bid to find them and settle this matter.

(Begin by surprising a wind sprite with a /poke, then slay the glowing figure to acquire luminous crystals. Use these items on beasts to see through their guises.)

— In-game description


Equity guildleve1.jpg


  • Report to the East Shroud.
  • Slay enemies that respond to the /poke emote and collect luminous crystals.
  • Discover who is carrying the luminous crystals and slay the target.

Additional Information

Mortal Munchies is a level 20 Grand Company Leve Guildleve in East Shroud. Players can start the levequest by talking to Cedrepierre in East Shroud (x16,y27).

Tips and Tricks

  • Move the /poke emote to one of your action bars.
  • Move the Luminous Crystal Key Item to one of your action bars
  • If you use the luminous crystal on a target, and nothing happens, the target probably moved out of range while you were casting. Move closer to the target when its done moving and try again. You do not lose a crystal if the target moves out of range before you finish casting.
  • Don't kill any of the targets if they don't respond to the luminous crystal, as they will not respawn. Simply move to a new area and try again.