Merchant and Mender (Red Rooster Stead)

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Merchant & Mender

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Merchant & Mender
Male ♂
Roegadyn (Sea Wolves)
Lower La Noscea (32,20)
Limsa Lominsa

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
Lower La Noscea (x32,y20)

Items For Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Icon Price
Cloud Axe Cloud axe icon1.png 446
Bronze Labrys Bronze labrys icon1.png 436
Bronze War Axe Bronze war axe icon1.png 223
Bronze Baselards Bronze baselards icon1.png 302
Bronze Knives Bronze knives icon1.png 235
Bronze Daggers Bronze daggers icon1.png 151
Engraved Leather Grimoire Engraved leather grimoire icon1.png 439
Maple Picatrix Maple picatrix icon1.png 358
Leather Grimoire Leather grimoire icon1.png 219
Round Shield Round shield icon1.png 345

Purchase Tools

Item Icon Price
Amateur's Cross-pein Hammer Amateurs cross-pein hammer icon1.png 376
Bronze Cross-pein Hammer Bronze cross-pein hammer icon1.png 263
Bronze File Bronze file icon1.png 296
Amateur's File Amateurs file icon1.png 133
Amateur's Doming Hammer Amateurs doming hammer icon1.png 384
Bronze Doming Hammer Bronze doming hammer icon1.png 268
Bronze Pliers Bronze pliers icon1.png 288
Amateur's Pliers Amateurs pliers icon1.png 129
Amateur's Skillet Amateurs skillet icon1.png 394
Bronze Skillet Bronze skillet icon1.png 246
Bronze Culinary Knife Bronze culinary knife icon1.png 304
Amateur's Culinary Knife Amateurs culinary knife icon1.png 136
Maple Fishing Rod Maple fishing rod icon1.png 274

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Icon Price
Hard Leather Pot Helm Hard leather pot helm icon1.png 220
Bronze Chain Coif Bronze chain coif icon1.png 264
Leather Eyepatch Leather eyepatch icon1.png 141
Hempen Hat Hempen hat icon1.png 113
Hempen Cowl Hempen cowl icon1.png 309
Hempen Acton Hempen acton icon1.png 273
Bronze Haubergeon Bronze haubergeon icon1.png 327
Hempen Tabard Hempen tabard icon1.png 140
Hempen Halfrobe Hempen halfrobe icon1.png 140
Leather Mitts Leather mitts icon1.png 196
Leather Ringbands Leather ringbands icon1.png 156
Fingerless Leather Gloves Fingerless leather gloves icon1.png 126
Leather Lightmitts Leather lightmitts icon1.png 126
Leather Belt Leather belt icon1.png 140
Hempen Sash Hempen sash icon1.png 112
Hempen Kecks Hempen kecks icon1.png 168
Hempen Gaskins Hempen gaskins icon1.png 168
Hempen Sarouel Hempen sarouel icon1.png 108
Hempen Tights Hempen tights icon1.png 94
Leather Leggings Leather leggings icon1.png 224
Leather Boots Leather boots icon1.png 224
Bronze Sollerets Bronze sollerets icon1.png 268
Leather Crakows Leather crakows icon1.png 115
Leather Sandals Leather sandals icon1.png 115

Purchase Field Gear

Item Icon Price
Straw Hat Straw hat icon1.png 226
Amateur's Headgear Amateurs headgear icon1.png 283
Hempen Bandana Hempen bandana icon1.png 85
Amateur's Doublet Vest Amateurs doublet vest icon1.png 308
Amateur's Kurta Amateurs kurta icon1.png 246
Hempen Shepherd's Tunic Hempen shepherds tunic icon1.png 162
Hard Leather Wristguards Hard leather wristguards icon1.png 224
Amateur's Smithing Gloves Amateurs smithing gloves icon1.png 252
Hempen Work Gloves Hempen work gloves icon1.png 145
Hempen Shortgloves Hempen shortgloves icon1.png 116
Leather Survival Belt Leather survival belt icon1.png 180
Hard Leather Merchant's Pouch Hard leather merchants pouch icon1.png 180
Amateur's Slops Amateurs slops icon1.png 216
Hempen Bottoms Hempen bottoms icon1.png 216
Hempen Chausses Hempen chausses icon1.png 94
Leather Culottes Leather culottes icon1.png 135
Hard Leather Shoes Hard leather shoes icon1.png 256
Amateur's Thighboots Amateurs thighboots icon1.png 288
Leather Shoes Leather shoes icon1.png 115
Maple Pattens Maple pattens icon1.png 129

Purchase Items

Item Icon Price
Potion Potion icon1.png 28
Ether Ether icon1.png 60
Antidote Antidote icon1.png 39
Eye Drops Eye drops icon1.png 19
Grade 1 Dark Matter Grade 1 dark matter icon1.png 4
Grade 2 Dark Matter Grade 2 dark matter icon1.png 12
Goby Ball Goby ball icon1.png 3
Bloodworm Bloodworm icon1.png 3


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