Like Fine Wine

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Like Fine Wine

Quest giver
Upper La Noscea (X:14, Y:24)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1 Qiqirn Firewater Icon.png  Qiqirn Firewater
Experience 7,680
Gil 0
Previous quest
Next quest
Sylphish Concerns

Teteroon appears to have finished his gift for Buscarron.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Buscarron is delight to receive the hard liquor brewed by his old friend. However, he is less delighted when he realizes it would be best to age it a year before finally cracking it open.


Accepting the Quest

Teteroon: Teteroon make firewater! Good, good firewater! You take to Buscaroon. Good firewater for good Buscaroon.

Teteroon: Tell Buscaroon no drink now. Tell put away one year. One year make best flavor.

Teteroon: <sigh> Teteroon hopes Buscaroon happy. Teteroon gives Buscaroon thankies. Many, many thankies. You tell Buscaroon.

Teteroon: Teteroon make big shop someday. Biggest shop in Eorzea. Make many, many sparklies. All thanks to good Buscaroon.

Talking to Teteroon immediately after

Teteroon: Teteroon miss good Buscaroon. Must work hard. Must make many shinies. Then Teteroon go see Buscaroon!

Giving the Qiqirn Firewater to Buscarron

Buscarron: Ah, you've returned. Thank you for seeing Teteroon's belongings to him. ...What's this? For me?

You hand over the Qiqirn Firewater to Buscarron.

Buscarron: Qiqirn firewater! So he remembers my fondness for the drink, does he? Why that old... He... I... Aw, bloody hells! Who's cutting onions back there!?

Buscarron: He says to shelve it for a year, does he? Aye, that sounds about right. I hate to have to wait, but I reckon it'll be worth it. This stuff has an aroma and body unlike any other drink I know.

Buscarron: It's going to be a looong year. What say you come back then, friend? We'll see if we can't make it through this bottle together.