Injured Fortemps Sentry

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Please, good adventurer. I haven't much time. They are so close now... It is only a matter of time before they find me. Who, you ask? The wolves, who else? Can you not hear them? The rumble of their growl, the incessant pattering of their feet, and the howls... Thoseblood-curdling howls... A pack has been on my trail since I wounded my leg in an iron trap intended for those very beasts. Oh, the irony of it all! I have used what little strength I have left to make it this far, but the wound has begun to ache, and I do not believe that I can outrun the pack any longer. Please, I beg of you. Beat the wolves back just long enough that I might make it to Camp Dragonhead and the succor within her walls.

— In-game description

Injured Fortemps Sentry is an Elezen found in Coerthas Central Highlands.

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