I Don't Want to Believe

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I Don't Want to Believe
Type Kill Boss
Location Eureka Hydatos - The Val River Source (x26.3,y29.2)
Level 60
Element Ice
Duration 15m
Enemies Ovni
Description A source of major aetherial disruption throughout Eureka has been found nestled amidst the isle's protean currents. Though the creature's nature has yet to be identified, its capacity for destruction is clear.
Rewards Obscure Logogram
Experience 25,699,605
Tomestones Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 120
Next FATE The Baldesion Arsenal
I Don't Want to Believe is a level 60 Kill Boss FATE in Eureka Hydatos - The Val River Source (x26.3,y29.2).

Additional Information

Unlike most FATEs in Eureka, I Don't Want to Believe randomly spawns on its own, and is signified by both the weather changing to Umbral Turbulence and a notification popping up. The FATE will not spawn if there are players currently inside the Baldesion Arsenal.

Upon successfully clearing the FATE, players that are Elemental Level 60 will acquire the Aetherically Primed buff, and 56 Aetherial Nodes will spawn around Hydatos.

Tips and Tricks

Before engaging Ovni, make sure at least one person in the group has Dispel L prepared.

  • Pull of the Void drags nearby players into melee range of Ovni, and is followed up by one of the following two attacks:
    • Concussive Oscillation, a melee range circle AoE centered on Ovni.
    • Megastorm, a massive ring AoE that leaves only the very center of Ovni's hitbox safe. The attack deals massive damage and inflicts a Windburn damage over time effect to players who survive the initial damage.
  • Vitriolic Barrage is an unavoidable attack that deals moderate damage to all nearby players.
  • Rock Hard is a circle AoE targeted below a random player that deals high damage.
  • Torrential Torment is a long cone attack directed toward a random player that deals high damage and inflicts Heavy.
  • Fluorescence grants a stacking, drastic Damage Up buff to Ovni, resulting in all of its attacks dealing enough damage to KO most players in a single hit. It is highly recommended that the buff be removed with the Dispel L logos action.
  • Ion Shower targets a random player with a purple indicator over them. After a short delay, the targeted player will take a moderate amount of damage and be Stunned. Ovni will launch three extremely large, untelegraphed circle AoEs in a row that deal lethal damage to all players near the stunned player. The stunned player is immune to these AoEs.

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