Hallo Halatali

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Hallo Halatali

Hallo Halatali.png
Quest giver
Nedrick Ironheart
Western Thanalan (X:12.0, Y:14.3)
Dressed to Deceive
Experience 1,740
Gil 258
Next quest
Feature QuestThis Time's for Fun

Nedrick of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn has some useful information he wishes to share.

— In-game description


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This is the first optional Dungeon dungeon. These extra dungeons are very helpful for leveling up secondary classes and jobs, and they are also an excellent source of gear. The side stories and lore are often worthwhile as well. Note that optional dungeons are not compatible with Duty Support, using Duty Finder matchmaking with other players is the primary method of forming a party.



  • You have learned from Nedrick and Fafajoni that dangerous beasts reside within the abandoned corridors of Halatali. With some reluctance, the flame private has granted you leave to use the former training grounds as you see fit.


Accepting the Quest

Nedrick: Hail there, adventurer. I'm Nedrick Ironheart, an explorer by trade and a Scion by allegiance. And you, my friend, look to me an adventurer in need of a challenge. I happen to know just the place that will offer it to you.
Nedrick: Tucked away in a corner of eastern Thanalan lies Halatali, and it is there that you will find all the excitement you crave. The place boasts a storied history. It was built some one hundred years past as a training ground for gladiators.
Nedrick: The Calamity laid ruin to it, though, as it did to most things. Now, Halatali is a shadow of its former self. But in the dark of that shadow lurk wild beasts, both bloodthirsty and beyond count. For one such as yourself, I daresay there is no place finer than Halatali to test your skill and refine your technique.
Nedrick: Indeed, I've taken the liberty of passing your name along to the Flames who oversee the place. Should you visit, speak with one Fafajoni near the entryway.

Speaking with Fafajoni

Fafajoni: If it is the halls of Halatali you seek, you need seek no further.
Fafajoni: Permit me to tell you something of this place. The name comes from an ancient tongue, Halatali meaning "the land of many shadows." It was here that our distant ancestors first settled, and—
Bah, you have not come all this way for a lesson in history.
Fafajoni: Shhh, listen. Do you not hear the howls and growls? Do you not feel how they shake the very earth beneath you?
Fafajoni: Those sounds are the work of no wind, my friend, nor that rumbling the doing of any shadows. Those are the calls of Halatali, for now the beasts once kept for the Coliseum lurk here.
Fafajoni: And these are no gentle beasts broken by the hand of man. No, there are those within that even the might of the Immortal Flames cannot tame.
Fafajoni: From the look of you, you must be [First name]. Aye, I received word from Nedrick that you might be along. By his recommendation, I grant you leave to enter freely. I only pray you are able to find your way out.