Good Day to Mate

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Good Day to Mate
Type Kill Enemies
Location The Azim Steppe - Onsal Hakair (x28.3,y16.6)
Level 65
Duration  ?m
Enemies Matamata
Description Matamata are irritable enough year-round, but come mating season, the scalekin are downright unruly. It has even been suggested that the only thing keeping the steppe from being overrun is that the number of newborns are offset by the number of matamata killed by in-fighting between males in heat. Well, that and the hunting parties of adventurers.
Experience 93,555
Gil 130
Company Seals 373
Good Day to Mate is a level 65 Kill Enemies FATE in The Azim Steppe - Onsal Hakair (x28.3,y16.6).

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