Gigant Clam

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Gigant Clam

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Gil 2 HQ icon.png Gil 3

An especially large giant clam. Local fisher estimates put the age of this wavekin at over five score years.

[Suitable for printing on extra large canvases.]

— In-game description

Gigant Clam is a Seafood.

Basic Information

  • Recommended Fishing Level: 50 ★★★
  • Fish Type: Deep Sea
  • Aquarium Type: None
  • Sizes: Smallest - 99.1im, Largest - 139.4im


After overhearing a drunk fisher claim to his equally drunk shipmate that one of the massive mollusks gnawed the leg (or was it head?) off his infant son, a newly instated Yellowjacket sergeant looking to impress his superiors took it upon himself to order his men to locate and destroy as many of the wavekin as possible, leaving the population decimated.


Purchased From

Dropped By

Fishing Log: South Bloodshore

Retainer Ventures

Used For

See also: Extra Large Angler's Canvas

Gigant Clam print.png


Item Vendor Location / Coordinates Section Cost Unlock req.
Talans seal of fishing mastery icon1.png  Talan's Seal of Fishing Mastery Talan Mor Dhona (21.9, 6.8) Lucis Tools (DoL) Gigant clam icon1.png 10 + Glacier crystal icon1.png 15 Feature QuestJust Tooling Around
Spinach quiche icon1.png  Spinach Quiche Talan Mor Dhona (21.9, 6.8) Assorted Accoutrements Gigant clam icon1.png 5 Feature QuestJust Tooling Around


Class: Culinarian

Potential Results: