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Gemworks in Progress

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Gemworks in Progress

A Royal Request.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10.5, Y:13.1)
Required items
1 Ring materials icon1.png  Ring Materials
1 Sample silver ring icon1.png  Sample Silver Ring
Experience 1,557,875
Gil 1,650
Previous quest
A Royal Request
Next quest

Jemime has glad tidings to share with you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Speak with Wido.
Speak with Hal.


  • Jemime has glad tidings to share with you.
  • Jemime gleefully informs you that all has been made ready for the artisans' school at Rhalgr's Reach. Strike out for the Resistance outpost at your earliest convenience, and make a quick stop at Spineless Basin in central Thanalan, where Emeloth awaits.
  • According to Emeloth, your three apprentices were surprised and grateful to learn that the school is being wholly funded by the sultana. With Her Grace's gift crown in her care, your deputy begins the journey to Rhalgr's Reach. Make your own way there and join everyone at the aetheryte plaza.
  • At Rhalgr's Reach, you are introduced to an Ananta named Kanchana, your liaison in the Resistance. Having shown you to the space set aside for your use, Kanchana brings up the subject of the school's generic name. A discussion ensues, and with your blessing, the group decides to rename the school the Crown Gemworks to honor the sultana. Emeloth declares the school in operation, and suggests that you begin by speaking with your students in order to build rapport and learn about them.
  • You have spoken with all your apprentices. Share your impressions with Emeloth.
  • Emeloth agrees with your assessment that the two brothers, Wido and Hal, pose the greater challenge due to their unbalanced skillsets. Rather than addressing their weaknesses, however, you decide to instead cultivate their strengths by way of a joint project between the three apprentices. To serve as a reference, Emeloth proposes that you craft a silver ring adored with a lapis lazuli taken from the crown.
  • Your ring strikes awe into Emeloth, who goes so far as to describe it as the embodiment of perfection. And by beholding it, your apprentices are awakened to their true heights of their chosen craft. As they apply themselves to their training, continue honing your own skills, that you might remain a shining example to your students.