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Female ♀
Roegadyn (Sea Wolves)
Kugane (11.7,9.6)

How am I supposed to concentrate on me duties with the sea taunting me like this? My hand itches for a fishing rod, it does...

— In-game description

Geimrael is a Roegadyn found in Kugane. Geimrael is not a Levemete; Keltraeng issues the leves. Rather, she is the turn-in target for all Stormblood Fisher Leves.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
If a Leaf Falls in the Water Levequest quest 60 Keltraeng
Slow Wash, Rapids Jumper Levequest quest 60 Keltraeng
There Can Be Only One Levequest quest 60 Keltraeng
In a Pickle Levequest quest 62 Keltraeng
Lighter Wallets Levequest quest 62 Keltraeng
Perhaps Not-So-Common Levequest quest 62 Keltraeng
Catfish Scheme Levequest quest 64 Keltraeng
Curtains for Pleco Levequest quest 64 Keltraeng
Marooned Minnow Levequest quest 64 Keltraeng
Peculiar De-light Levequest quest 66 Keltraeng
Step By Steppe Levequest quest 66 Keltraeng
Unbeliebubble Levequest quest 66 Keltraeng
Blood in the Water Levequest quest 68 Keltraeng
Pre-octopied Levequest quest 68 Keltraeng
To the Teeth Levequest quest 68 Keltraeng

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