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Fraying Threads

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Fraying Threads

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Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:7.1, Y:9.5)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

Experience 22,440
Gil 2,014
Previous quest
Heroic Dreams
Next quest
Food for the Soul

Ryne's face is a picture of worry.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Steadying her breath, Ryne informs you and the Exarch that Thancred collapsed shortly after returning to the Crystarium. Together you hasten to Spagyrics, where your comrade is currently being tended to.
  • To your relief, you arrive in Spagyrics to find Thancred up and talking. He reveals that he has not been in the best of health since plucking Urianger from a watery grave, suffering regular bouts of dizziness prior to his recent mishap. In the absence of any obvious physical cause, it seems certain that the link between his body and soul has weakened further. With time growing short, the Exarch bids you make a trip to the Source to consult Krile regarding the plan to return everyone home. Thus do you set out for the Rising Stones, where your friends' unmoving bodies still lie.
  • Though plainly pleased to see you, Tataru cannot conceal her unease. Your slumbering friends, she reveals, have taken a turn for the worse. Upon learning of your purpose, she suggests you go straight to Krile, who is tending to everyone in Dawn's Respite.
  • You step into the dimly lit chamber, and are met with the unsettling sight of your friends locked in slumber. In somber tones, Krile admits that they now betray scant signs of life. Thanks to her ministrations, however, their condition remains stable for the present, and so she suggests that you continue your conversation outside.


Accepting the Quest

Ryne: It happened after Alisaie and I saw the children back to Spagyrics. We chanced to meet Thancred there, returning from his mission. He'd been shadowing Elidibus around the realm, only to lose sight of him near the Crystarium. And he was in the middle of telling us where he'd been when he just...crumpled to the ground.

Ryne: The chirurgeons are looking after him now, with Alphinaud standing by, just in case his healing magicks are needed. Since I couldn't do anything to help, I thought it best to find you, and the guard at the Exedra told me where to look.

Crystal Exarch: I see. It cannot have been easy leaving Thancred's side. My thanks for bearing word to us. Come, let us hurry to Spagyrics.

At Spagyrics

Thancred: They dragged you here too, did they? My apologies...

Crystal Exarch: How do you feel?

Thancred: Embarrassed. But otherwise well enough. I won't be staying overnight.

Alphinaud: This episode was not the result of any injury I could find. Thancred's aether, however, did show signs of instability, and I did what I could to calm the fluctuations.

Crystal Exarch: Hm. And all of this happened without warning...?

Thancred: <sigh> Not exactly. You will doubtless recall the time Urianger nearly drowned and I gallantly went to his rescue.

Ryne: When his water-walking charm failed. He was tired. As were you when you got back.

Thancred: We were both spent, yes. On account of which, you begged us to rest─which, in retrospect, may have been a good idea. The fact is, I've been experiencing regular bots of light-headedness ever since. But there was no actual fainting until now. As alphinaud observed, I have no lingering injuries, and it most assuredly isn't old age. Which leaves but one likely cause...

Crystal Exarch: The link between body and soul has weakened further. Time grows short. We must complete the spirit vessel with all haste. To that end, [Player], might I trouble you to make a trip to the Source? In addition to looking in on our friends' bodies, I would have you consult Krile about our plan. If she has any concerns, we should at least endeavor to address them prior to proceeding.

Thancred: In the meantime, we should get back to laying bare Elidibus's plot. Thus far, I have learned this much: that in each of the places he has visited, there have been sightings of suspicious black-clad strangers. Moreover, the coming of these shady individuals has invariably coincided with some manner of misfortune─beasts terrorizing settlements, blight ravaging crops, you know the sort of thing.

Alphinaud: All of which serves, rather conveniently, to make Elidibus's call for new heroes reverberate that much more loudly in the hearts of his audience. And you think these black-clad strangers are Ascians.

Thancred: I do. And I fully intend to investigate further─though for that I shall require additional feet on the ground.

Alisaie: You can count on mine. Gods know I've been itching to get out there for a while.

Crystal Exarch: Mayhap Urianger too can be prevailed upon to join in your efforts. He has already provided copious guidance on the matter of the spirit vessel's construction. It is for Beq Lugg and I to wrestle with the rest.

Thancred: Well, if you can spare the old boy, we may as well make use of him. I'll go and give him the good news.

Alisaie: You'll do no such thing. However heedless you are of your own well-being, if you care at all for Ryne's feelings, you'll stay in bed until you're needed. Alphinaud and I will find Urianger.

Alphinaud: All being well, we will have news to share by the time you return. Safe travels, [Player].

Back at the Rising Stones

Tataru: <gasp> [Player]! What excellent─I mean, awful timing! You see, our friends...They've taken a turn for the worse. Krile's hardly had a moment's rest these past few days. She didn't want everyone to worry, so we've been keeping it quiet. Oh, but listen to me! I call myself a receptionist, and I haven't even bothered to ask you why you're here!

Tataru: So, they think the spirit vessel will be ready soon? And they want to make sure there are no problems at this end...Hm. You'd better talk to Krile. She's with the others in Dawn's Respite. Let's go and see her. Just...prepare yourself, all right?

In Dawn's Respite

Tataru: Excuse us...This way.

Krile: I would rather you hadn't seen this.

Tataru: I'm sorry. We have urgent tidings...

Krile: No, no, I'm not angry with you. On the contrary. I know full well how hard everyone has been searching for a way to return home. And I had hoped to afford you the time you needed. But given our friends' present state, perhaps it was for the best that you came. Stiff and cold, all of them. As if they were made of wax. Barely alive at all.

Krile: And they had been doing so well. Save for occasional signs of aetheric instability, they appeared to be in passable health. Then, quite without warning, things took a turn for the worse. A change for which even Master Matoya could offer no explanation. She could only remind me that the soul is yet an unknown frontier, and that much and more lies beyond our ken. But let's not lose heart just yet. At times like these, it is all the more important that we remain positive.

Krile: Why, I but this moment succeeded in quelling a fluctuation in Thancred's aether. And while the others have weakened, they have remained relatively stable. I believe I may leave my post for a moment. So come, let me hear your tale outside.

Finishing the Quest

Krile: And what news from the First? I see. Work on the spirit vessel proceeds apace, but our friends begin to falter...As they themselves have observed, the link between body and soul has weakened. It's as simple as that. For now, I'm still able to quell the fluctuations in their aether, but it's only a matter of time. We'll lose them if we don't act soon. So if the Exarch is ready to attempt something, let him attempt it.

Krile: As for the spirit vessel itself...If we seek to draw upon Allagan wisdom, we could do worse than consult an expert in the field. And I think I know just the man. Time being against us, it may be best if I go and solicit his aid in person─even if it does mean leaving my patients...