Following the Evidence

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Following the Evidence

Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26, Y:17)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
2  Draconian Rosaries
Experience 40,420
Gil 1,544
Previous quest
Road to Redemption
Next quest
In the Eyes of Gods and Men

Lord Haurchefant suspects that someone is conspiring against Lord Francel.

— In-game description


  • Search the shipments. 0/3


  • Upon learning of the circumstances in which the draconian rosary said to be Lord Francel's was discovered, Lord Haurchefant has begun to suspect that the evidence may have been planted. He advises you to speak with Rickeman, a man in service to House Haillenarte, whom Lord Haurchefant thinks might have knowledge of how such an act could be accomplished.
  • Rickeman explains that if the shipments were indeed tampered with, the only possible culprits are porters and those who inspect their shipments. As the inspectors are all Ishgardian knights and inquisitors, Rickeman is forced to conclude that only the porters could be responsible. He reluctantly suggests that you question a crew of porters that should be arriving in Camp Dragonhead shortly.
  • Your intentions are misinterpreted by the porters, who take offense at being accused of tampering with shipments. One porter bids you search the parcels to your heart's content, as he is confident you will find nothing unusual.
  • Rifling through the shipments yields a startling discovery: the two parcels bound for Skyfire Locks both contained a draconian rosary! Present your findings to the porter and see what he has to say.
  • The porter denies any knowledge of the draconian rosaries, asserting that it would make no sense for him to allow you to search the parcels had he known what they contained. Consult with Lord Harchefant to determine the best course of action.
  • Lord Haurchefant concludes that the rosaries are a blatant attempt to sully House Haillenarte's reputation. Having acquired what he believes is sufficient evidence, he exclaims that you and he must act quickly to stop Lord Francel's trial before it is too late.

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