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Enchanted Rubber

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Enchanted Rubber


A variety of pliable rubber imbued with arcane magicks to improve aetherial conductivity.

— In-game description



Vendor Location / Coordinates Section Cost Unlock req.
Cristiana Mor Dhona (21.4, 5.4) Anima Weapon Materials Unidentifiable bone icon1.png 10 Unidentifiable Bone + Adamantite francesca icon1.png 4 Adamantite Francesca

Used For


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Required Items Unlocks Rewards
Coming into Its Own Repeatable Feature quest 60 Ardashir 1 Enchanted rubber icon1.png  Enchanted Rubber
1 Fast-drying carboncoat icon1.png  Fast-drying Carboncoat
1 Divine water icon1.png  Divine Water
1 Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst icon1.png  Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst
1 Hauteclaire awoken icon1.png  Hauteclaire Awoken
1 Prytwen awoken icon1.png  Prytwen Awoken
1 Parashu awoken icon1.png  Parashu Awoken
1 Deathbringer awoken icon1.png  Deathbringer Awoken
1 Brionac awoken icon1.png  Brionac Awoken
1 Rising suns awoken icon1.png  Rising Suns Awoken
1 Yukimitsu awoken icon1.png  Yukimitsu Awoken
1 Berimbau awoken icon1.png  Berimbau Awoken
1 Ferdinand awoken icon1.png  Ferdinand Awoken
1 Lunaris rod awoken icon1.png  Lunaris Rod Awoken
1 Almandal awoken icon1.png  Almandal Awoken
1 Seraph cane awoken icon1.png  Seraph Cane Awoken
1 Elements awoken icon1.png  Elements Awoken
1 Atlas awoken icon1.png  Atlas Awoken
Anima Crossing icon.png  Anima Crossing 1 Almace icon1.png  Almace
1 Ancile icon1.png  Ancile
1 Ukonvasara icon1.png  Ukonvasara
1 Nothung icon1.png  Nothung
1 Rhongomiant icon1.png  Rhongomiant
1 Verethragna icon1.png  Verethragna
1 Kannagi icon1.png  Kannagi
1 Gandiva icon1.png  Gandiva
1 Armageddon icon1.png  Armageddon
1 Hvergelmir icon1.png  Hvergelmir
1 Draconomicon.png  Draconomicon
1 Majestas icon1.png  Majestas
1 Tetrabiblos icon1.png  Tetrabiblos
1 Deneb icon1.png  Deneb