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Forever at Your Side

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the feature quest. For the painting, see Forever at Your Side (Item).
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Forever at Your Side

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Quest giver
Terncliff (X:5.8, Y:5.6)
Quest line
The Sorrow of Werlyt Quests
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestDuty in the Sky with Diamond
Next quest
Side QuestAggressive Expansion

Severa is concerned for Allie's well-being.

— In-game description







  • Severa is concerned for Allie's well-being.
  • Allie has miraculously survived the climactic battle with the Diamond Weapon, only to fall into a state of severe shock. Cid has been called in to determine whether this was caused by the synthetic auracite system, but is not yet ready to deliver his findings. While you wait, Severa suggests speaking with Avilina, who apparently has something she wishes to discuss.
  • Avilina's monument has finally been completed, and it stands as a lasting reminder of Terncliff's fallen. She then absorbs herself in prayer, which serves as your cue to return to Severa and ask if she has any news on Allie's condition.
  • Back in the town square, Severa informs you that Gaius is due to return to Terncliff soon. You take a moment to savor the refreshing sea breeze and picturesque scenery while you wait for him to arrive.
  • You are eventually joined by Gaius, who wastes no time inquiring after Allie. Cid brings her out from the infirmary and all present are taken aback to see that she is but a shell of her former self, utterly unresponsive and incapable of even the most basic communication. According to Cid, the trauma from which she is suffering is not the result of the synthetic auracite system, but more likely caused by learning of the terrible fate that befell her brother Alfonse. Gaius reaffirms his desire to fulfill his promise to Alfonse by overseeing the restoration of Werlyt as an independent state. Cid decides to let bygones be bygones with Gaius, and bids the group farewell.
  • Severa reveals that her encounters with Gaius's foster children have given her the determination to find a place for herself in the world. She plans to accompany Gaius to Werlyt, her former home, and win over those who once shunned her.
  • The time that Valdeaulin has spent alongside Gaius has dulled his desire for revenge, and he has come to see he made the right decision in sparing Gaius's life all those moons ago. His doubts regarding the former Black Wolf's sincerity now assuaged, he decides to cast aside his hatred and work towards the revival of Werlyt.
  • A member of the Werlyt Revolutionaries arrives with a group of small boys, who were until recently wards of Valens van Varro. Gaius introduces himself to them, and though they are initially petrified, they listen intently to his tale. He tells the story of the five orphans and their fight to win the freedom of Werlyt, and ends by asking the boys for their support in the days to come. Gaius then turns to you and speaks of his realization that true strength is not the power to impose one's will on others, but instead comes from within. Before parting, he asks that you give a verbal account of recent events to the Resistance officer stationed in Porta Praetoria.
  • You receive a warm welcome upon returning to Porta Praetoria and congratulations for finally ending the threat posed by the Weapon project. Though your part in the struggle may be over, Gaius, Severa, and Valdeaulin will endeavor to see the wishes of Alfonse and his siblings fulfilled by helping to rebuild Werlyt as a bastion of liberty and equality.