Deface the Facts

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Deface the Facts

Starting NPC
Worried Worker
Western Thanalan (X:20, Y:28)
Experience 1,275
Gil 16
GC seals
Company seal 46

Now banished from Ul'dah for various acts of vandalism and basic thuggery, a gang of unruly, yet simply adorable, goblin muggers has made its way to Hammerlea where the beastmen have found a new favorite pastime -- the destruction of random items lying about the Hammers. It is time they were shown some tough love.

— In-game description

Deface the Facts is a level 8 FATE spawnned in Western Thanalan.

Deface the Facts is a level 8 Defend FATE in Hammerlea, Western Thanalan.

Tips and Tricks

Kill the Goblin Muggers before they destroy all of the Shipment of Brass Cogs around the West Hammer. It is recommended to grab all of the enemies as soon as possible, to prevent damage to the crates. Brass Blades will assist in this endeavor.


While Accepting the FATE

Worried Worker: "Thal's balls! I don't know whether to slit the throats of them goblins, or them what kicked the buggers out of Ul'dah and into Hammerlea! Now the thrice-damned runts are running about buggerin' up my supplies for the hammers, and I haven't the means to stop them. Now if I had me an adventurer...

After Accepting the FATE

Worried Worker: "Give the little shites no quarter. That'll learn 'em."

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