Blues on Emerald Avenue

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Blues on Emerald Avenue

Blues on Emerald Avenue.png
Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestThe Rise and Fall of Gentlemen
Experience 0
Gil 2,449

The postmoogle's fluttering seems more frantic than usual.

— In-game description




  • The postmoogle's fluttering seems more frantic than usual.
  • The cause of the postmoogle's distress this time becomes quickly evident: a letter with an illegible address. With a bit of guesswork, however, the courier deduces the intended recipient is Wymond. Deliver the post to the sultanate's preeminent information broker on Emerald Avenue, and see if the postmoogle's deduction is any good.
  • Wymond reads the letter─only to discover that it is a ransom note for someone named “Raymond.” The kidnappers, a gang known as the “Purple Haze,” have taken his daughter, and will do her harm unless their demands are met. Wymond bids you find the list from behind the shack at Copperbell Mines, to make up for getting him into this mess.
  • Deliver it to Wymond, who awaits you at his usual spot on Emerald Avenue.
  • Taking the list, Wymond learns that the gang is demanding the deed to a plot of Raymond's ceruleum-rich land in exchange for the girl. The information-monger detects a merchant mastermind behind the scenes, and promises to end the dastardly scheme. He reveals that he once was a member of the Purple Haze─until Hildibrand and a flower girl named Myrtha allowed him to escape from that life. Now, Wymond intends to trap the criminals using the markets of Ul'dah, and bids you speak with Seseroga at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange to purchase ceruleum with a banknote.
  • Seseroga proves most obliging after seeing the banknote, and directs you to Syntgoht for all your ceruleum needs.
  • The banknote allows you to strike a deal with Syntgoht. The merchant speaks of fantastic rumors that Garlond Ironworks has invented a way to make airships for a fraction of present costs, and speculates that the price of ceruleum fuel will soon soar. Return now with the ceruleum futures contract to Wymond.
  • Wymond reveals the rumors of cost-efficient airships have been greatly exaggerated─by him. Though the hearsay appears real enough thanks to your purchase, it was all a ploy to start a ceruleum craze. He turns next to making it appear as though the Purple Haze will betray the mastermind for a small fortune. To that end, he bids you approach a member of the gang in his haunt, the Coffer & Coffin in central Thanalan, and express your interest in ceruleum-rich land.
  • Over a flagon of grog, the man of the Purple Haze gives you reason to believe he would betray the merchant mastermind...for the right offer. Return with these wispy words and the futures contract to Wymond.
  • Handing the ceruleum futures contract back to Wymond, you learn that your meeting with the Purple Haze has reached the mastermind's ears. The merchant will reveal himself in order to confront the gang about their dealings─drawing him into the open and right into Wymond's trap. The information-monger asks that you join him to the north of Cutter's Cry in central Thanalan, to rescue the girl and make the villains' plan go up in smoke.
  • From behind a bush, Wymond directs your attention to the mouth of the cave. There stand the villains, alongside Raymond's daughter. With a bit of luck, and a well-forged fake deed, you secure her release. Wymond then reveals that he sold the futures contract for the most volatile of firesands─and placed it near the scoundrels for the moment they light a pipe of somnus. One larger-than-expected explosion later, Wymond instructs the girl to return to her parents at the Arrzaneth Ossuary. Verify that she makes it there safely.
  • Raymond is overjoyed that his daughter is little the worse for her ordeal, but even more grateful is his young wife. She thanks you profusely, and asks you deliver a small token of their thanks to Wymond as well. Deliver the single red rose to Wymond, who should be at his usual spot on Emerald Avenue.
  • You deliver the flower to Wymond. It is a single long-stemmed rose─the selfsame flower he once so treasured. Amazed, the information-monger opens the attached card to learn that Raymond's wife is Myrtha, the flower girl who brought him joy so long ago, and helped him towards the right side of the law. Happy that she is alive and with a good man, Wymond tells you time will begin to flow for him again, on his part of Emerald Avenue.