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Away with the Faerie

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Away with the Faerie

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Quest giver
Amh Araeng (X:26.7, Y:16.7)
Quest line
Eden Quests
Experience 0
Gil 1,752
Previous quest
The Next Piece of the Puzzle
Next quest
Blood and Thunder

Yalfort has arrived in Mord Souq bearing pertinent information.

— In-game description



  • Yalfort has arrived in Mord Souq bearing pertinent information.
  • In the marketplace of Mord Souq, you are greeted by Yalfort, a member of the select few privy to the details surrounding the investigation being carried out in the Empty. After you are joined by Ryne and Urianger, Yalfort informs you that the girl who has been unconscious since leading the attack on Eden has awoken and is being escorted by Thancred to this very location. You learn that her name is Gaia and that she was originally a resident of Eulmore, although she has no memory of recent events. A short while later, she arrives with her newfound footman close behind, and it seems Thancred has been given the unenviable task of carrying her luggage. It soon becomes abundantly clear that she is incredibly impatient, and she demands that if the group insists on speaking at length, they should at least find somewhere to sit down first.
  • Gaia reveals that she has no memory whatsoever of your previous encounter, while Urianger inquires as to the true nature of her arcane abilities. She attributes these powers to a voice inside her head that she refers to as the faerie which bears an uncanny similarity to Ryne's relationship to Minfilia. Gaia comes to the conclusion that if it was the faerie's intention for her to make contact with Eden, that is where she must go, and in so doing find the answers to the questions surrounding her past. In spite of Ryne's and Urianger's warnings, Gaia rushes off into the desert, displaying a surprising turn of speed, prompting Thancred to lead the rest of the group in chasing after her.
  • You race in the direction of a distant scream, where you discover Gaia staring down an enormous vilekin. As you dash to her rescue, she casts a seemingly potent spell, although the dark aura quickly dissipates, leaving the creature entirely unscathed. As it lunges to strike, it is suddenly enveloped in swirling magicks that leave nary a trace of the chitin-plated beast behind, while Gaia herself is thankfully unharmed.
  • Shortly after arriving on the scene, Ryne tells Gaia that if she is determined to risk life and limb to see Eden, you should all travel together. Thancred and Urianger's attempts to talk her out of it are vehemently rebuffed, though her two mentors soon admit that it was merely a ploy to test her resolve. Once again, Gaia cuts the conversation short and leads the way to the Derrick, where your transportation to the Empty awaits.
  • Thancred has finished preparing the skyslipper for the long journey ahead. Although the craft was apparently designed to only seat four people, the addition of the petite Gaia as the fifth member of your group is unlikely to cause any problems. As Thancred suggests, Urianger could always be made to sit with the camping supplies should you be in need of space inside the vessel.
  • After arriving at the camp, you find Gaia gazing towards Eden as it floats silently above the lake. As she stands in quiet contemplation, your comrades prepare to restore the next element to the Empty.