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Blood and Thunder

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Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder Image.JPG
Quest giver
The Empty (X:6.0, Y:6.5)
Quest line
Eden Quests
Experience 0
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestAway with the Faerie
Next quest
Feature QuestInto the Firestorm

Gaia is lost in thought as she gazes towards the silent giant on the horizon.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • Gaia is lost in thought as she gazes towards the silent giant on the horizon.
  • Gaia's request to be taken to Eden has been fulfilled, yet the faerie she claims inhabits her mind is refusing to react in any way whatsoever. As it was only when Eden first began to move that the faerie drove her to attack, she suggests proceeding with the plan to restore the Empty as originally intended. Though the possibility that Gaia will lose control and attempt to destroy Eden cannot be ignored, the party agrees to cooperate with her wishes, and proceeds towards the core.
  • Urianger suggests that as the water and earth elements remain in a state of passivity, lightning should be used as a catalyst to invigorate the Empty and allow for greater changes to occur. As Ryne has learned about the primals of the Source from Thancred, she nominates Ramuh as the representative of this particular element, while Urianger selects the Gandof Thunder Plains as the location for the summoning. Being the third such occasion, you and Ryne have grown accustomed to the process for drawing forth the aether and melding it into a deiform entity, although the results themselves are somewhat difficult to predict. You grit your teeth and prepare to face the unknown foe, with Ryne standing by to provide support.
  • While the Ramuh you faced is a far cry from the benevolent protector of the Black Shroud, you nevertheless triumph over the embodiment of lightning. Your task complete, you return to Eden's core where your companions await.
  • Despite Eden traveling a considerable distance across the Empty and drawing forth enormous amounts of lightning-aspected aether, Gaia's faerie remains silent. Upon arriving back at the camp, Ryne is similarly dejected when she notices a distinct lack of visible change in the environment, though Thancred and Urianger claim that the defeat of Ramuh affected the ambient aether of the air above, rather than the ground below. With three of the six elements now restored, Urianger expresses the need for yet more dynamic energy to establish the natural cycle of rainfall and evaporation. Meanwhile, Gaia returns to silent introspection, pondering on the faerie's true intentions.