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Amber Monkfish

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Amber Monkfish


Fish can adapt to the most unlikely of environments, as this repulsive sand-dweller amply proves. It spends most of its adult life burrowing through the sands of Amh Araeng searching for moisture and snaring unsuspecting prey in its fearsome jaws.

[Suitable for printing on large canvases.]

— In-game description

Basic Information

  • Recommended Fishing Level: 77
  • Fish Type: Sands
  • Aquarium Type: None
  • Sizes: Smallest - 33.1im, Largest - 77.5im


Swimming through the golden sands of Amh Araeng, this fish's camouflaged coloration provides protection against predators. To defend against the desert heat, it deposits a thick layer of fat beneath its skin, making its steaks something of a delicacy.




Fishing Log: The Hills of Amber

Used For

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