A Legend for a Legend

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A Legend for a Legend

Quest giver
Wandering Minstrel
Mor Dhona (X:21, Y:8)

Experience 0
Gil 0

— In-game description





  • Travel to Rathefrost and blow the magicked dizi at the designated location.


  • The wandering minstrel of Revenant's Toll would like you to wet his whistle.
  • Much has the wandering minstrel heard of your legendary deeds, but he is more interested in your knowledge of legendary steeds. Upon discovering that you have a full stable of magicked mounts at your beck and call, a revelation dawns on him: could you be the one of whom the ancient hermit spoke, all those years ago? The one who can sound the mystic whistle he has carried with him ever since, and call forth the beast of legend? Convinced that this hero is you, he bids you take the pipe to a suitable stage─the crystal cliffs of Rathefrost─and blow with all your might.
  • You climb the glowing pathway to the Rathefrost cliffs, and blow the magicked dizi beneath the crystal branches. As its piercing note echoes in the air, a mythical Kirin appears before your very eyes. The minstrel emerges from his hiding place, full awed by the sight of the legendary beast, and declares that his word was true: you are indeed the hero to whom the Kirin has pledged its fealty. Whensoever you call upon it with a blast from the whistle, the immortal beast will return to you from its otherworldly kingdom, and whisk you wheresoever you please. And so a new chapter in your epic saga begins...

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