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Life Finds a Way

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Life Finds a Way

Quest giver
The Empty (X:5.9, Y:5.9)
Quest line
Eden Quests
Experience 0
Gil 7,500
Previous quest
On Thin Ice
Next quest
Worlds Apart

Ryne is ecstatic to see the first signs of greenery in the Empty.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


To unlock the next part of the Eden Quests, you must complete the patch 5.2 main scenario Main Scenario QuestEchoes of a Fallen Star.



  • Ryne is ecstatic to see the first signs of greenery in the Empty.
  • With all six elements successfully restored, your work in the Empty has, for the time being at least, reached its conclusion. The sprouting of lush plant life around the camp fills each member of the group with hope for the future, although it may be some time before this remarkable change becomes widespread. Ryne proposes that everyone take a well-earned rest before considering the next move, displaying patience in place of her usual hastiness. She also demonstrates a surprising degree of maturity when she admits to not being able to solve every problem by herself, and expresses her wish that she and Gaia should support one another in the coming days. After a somewhat reticent Gaia gives her agreement, Urianger directs the group back to Amh Araeng.
  • After another long journey in the skyslipper, you arrive at the Derrick. Urianger asks you to accompany Ryne and Gaia to Mord Souq, while he and Thancred make their way to the Crystarium to share news of your expeditions into the Empty with the other Scions.
  • Your contact from the Crystarium, Yalfort, awaits Ryne's report of your recent escapades, though it will take no small amount of time for her to compile all of the relevant information. In the meantime, she and Gaia will be staying in Mord Souq, taking the opportunity to rest while deciding the next course of action.