Washed Up

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Washed Up

Quest giver
Middle La Noscea (X:25, Y:17)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 2,240
Gil 141
Previous quest
Lurkers in the Grotto
Next quest
Double Dealing

Staelwyrn is up in arms, as his hired hands are nowhere to be found.

— In-game description


  • Speak with the slacking yeomen. 0/5


  • You have tracked down and spoken with all five yeoman. Report back to Staelwyrn.
  • All of the yeomen except Sevrin have returned to work. It is remarkable what lengths some will venture to in order to shirk responsibility.


Accepting the Quest

Staelwyrn: That sea-sloth Sevrin and his lot -- never around when there's work to be done!

Staelwyrn: I'd sooner hire you for the sake of gettin' things done, but then the rapscallions would never learn.

Staelwyrn: Round them up and let them know that Staelwyrn would like a word... And don't take “no” for an answer!

Talking to Aylmer

Aylmer: So, Staelwyrn sent you. And what do you reckon I say to that?

[Player]: Work is for the weak and witless. / I've saucier seeds to sow.

Aylmer: Damn right! Didn't get where I am by takin' guff from any glorified gardeners! ...But I s'pose I could see what he wants to get him off my back.

Talking to Eyrimhus

Eyrimhus: Axes were made for splittin' skulls, not stumps! You know what I did in my sailin' days?

[Player]: Skirmishing. / Wanton slaughter.

Eyrimhus: You bet your bosom I did, [lad/lass]! Aye, those were the days... <sigh> I reckon now I'll have to be satisfied takin' my axe to the trees.

Talking to Sevrin

Sevrin: Aye, I'm Sevrin. You the old man's errand girl, now?

Sevrin: Tell my dear old captain not to wet his britches. I'll be along.

Sevrin: Oh, and just so we're clear -- I don't care for landlubbers. Go find the chocobo you rode in on, and ride on out.

Talking to Sozai Rarzai

Sozai Rarzai: <groan> How am I supposed to work on an empty stomach? Go on, have a guess at what I had for breakfast.

[Player]: Breaded sticks. / Ash tuna.

Sozai Rarzai: Wha-- Gods, how'd you know!? It's my breath, ain't it? It probably smells as wooden as the food tasted... But I know why you're here. <sigh> I'd just as soon get some real food in me, but I ain't one to reject a summons from the cap'n.

Talking to Wauter

Wauter: Work? Ha! Can't work when me hands are full liftin' this mug. Ye know, I'd wager me last gil ye'd never guess what I'm drinkin'.

[Player]: Swill water. / Swill wine.

Wauter: Well, yer right about the “swill” part. I reckon it might be worth a day o' doin' Staelwyrn's chores if it'll afford me a taste o' proper grog.

Finishing the Quest

Staelwyrn: You continue to impress, [lad/lass]. All but Sevrin are accounted for.

Staelwyrn: It's no fault of yours he squirmed out. I've let that worm wriggle through my fingers more times than I can count.

Staelwyrn: But rest assured, the next time I see him, I'll put him squarely in the dirt, where all such worms belong.