Vineyard Bond

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Vineyard Bond

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Male ♂
Hyur (Midlander)
Eastern La Noscea (16,27)
Limsa Lominsa

If I may, milady. I's but a Wineport housebond, tasked with tendin' the vines. However, truth be told, 'tis not I what does the bulk o' the work, but the wood's goodly bees. Still, I must find all manner of ways to lure the flyin' faeries up to the vines. O'er the seasons, I's found that raincatcher nectar does a right job. If it weren't for them bloody pink devils, I'd already have the sweet stuff up on the vines, but a man of me age ain't built to weather a beak to the gut. Might I ask milady to collect the nectar in me stead? Me master will pay handsomely.

— In-game description

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