Unsafety Dance

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Unsafety Dance
Type Kill Boss
Location Eureka Anemos - Heartbreak Holt (x14.1,y21.8)
Level 1
Element Wind
Duration 30m
Spawn Enemy Flowering Sabotender
Enemies Sabotender Corrido (Eureka)
Description Scattered flower petals adrift on the wind may calm the mind and soothe the soul, but being showered with needles detracts from the experience. Best halt Sabotender Corrido's frenzied dance before someone loses an eye.
Experience 2,490
Tomestones Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 30
Unsafety Dance is a level 1 Kill Boss FATE in Eureka Anemos - Heartbreak Holt (x14.1,y21.8).

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