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Uncouth Customers

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Uncouth Customers

Quest giver
Br'uk Evu
Tuliyollal (X:12.4, Y:14.5)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Feat of Pots
Experience 994,560
Gil 1,000
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Narwhal Beckons
Feature QuestThe Hunter and the Hunted
Feature QuestTo Steal a Steelhog
Feature QuestPower Forgotten
Feature QuestIn the Sting of Things

Br'uk Evu has an urgent job for a courageous soul.

— In-game description


  • Take a seat at the indicated table.
  • Speak with Rral Majun.


  • Br'uk Evu has an urgent job for a courageous soul.
  • Br'uk Evu eagerly greets you, expressing that he has a job perfectly suited to your talents. He asks you to take a seat at a nearby table so he can fill you in on the details.
  • The jovial bar owner relates to you the story of a group calling themselves the Passage of the Unbound, who gathered at his establishment and were overheard plotting to steal sacred treasures from across Tural and bring them to Eorzea and beyond, where they would be used to stir unrest. Although the group seemed rather eccentric─and otherwise incompetent─it was not long until representatives from various communities visited Xbalyav Ty'e claiming to be subjects of their misdeeds, and it is these people whom Br'uk Evu wishes you to help. Rral Majun stands by to apprise you of their respective circumstances.
  • Rral Majun is overjoyed that you are willing to assist, but before she can begin her explanation, your conversation is interrupted by one Raholl Ja. The wizened warrior is equally thrilled to learn a helping hand has come at last, and takes it upon himself to tell you about the capabilities of each treasure and what skills might be required to retrieve it. You discover the Mamool Ja himself is in search of a brave soul, and having heard each person's account─directly or indirectly─you contemplate where your abilities might be best used.