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To Steal a Steelhog

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To Steal a Steelhog

To Steal a Steelhog.png
Quest giver
Raholl Ja
Tuliyollal (X:12.6, Y:15.1)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestUncouth Customers
Physical Ranged DPS role.png Physical Ranged DPS
Experience 994,560
Gil 2,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestUncouth Customers
Next quest
Feature QuestBandits Abound

Raholl Ja's eyes are full of expectation...or is it dust?

— In-game description



  • Raholl Ja's eyes are full of expectation...or is it dust?
  • The Steelhog Vessel has been stolen, and as two of the few remaining recipients of its protective blessing, Raholl Ja and his granddaughter Ceetol Ja are tasked with its retrieval. Their pursuit of the thief has led them to Tuliyollal, where he is believed to have boarded a ship and escaped to Eorzea. Fearing that the elderly Raholl Ja would not survive such a perilous voyage, Ceetol Ja has given chase alone, her only clue being an empty bottle of Ala Mhigan make left by the culprit. Raholl Ja asks that you search for his granddaughter, that you may lend her your knowledge and expertise. As her current location is unknown, you head to Rhalgr's Reach to gather information.
  • Upon arriving at Rhalgr's Reach, you quiz several Resistance members as to Ceetol Ja's whereabouts. The tall, slender thief she seeks apparently bears a passing resemblance to a bandit leader known to ply his trade in Virdjala. In all likelihood, your would-be ally has journeyed into the desert alone, heedless of the potential danger.
  • You succeed in locating Ceetol Ja, who is in the midst of aiding a stricken merchant. Though he has only minor injuries, his wares were stolen, and his escort left in pursuit of the criminals. You follow the escort and witness the bandit leader using the power of the Steelhog Vessel to render himself invulnerable, with the bodyguard's attacks leaving not so much as a scratch before he is sent sprawling by a magical blast. Somewhat uncharacteristically for a supposed master thief, the bearer of the artifact makes no bones about revealing his name─Chalteaufite─before he and his accomplices make their escape, uncontested. Ceetol Ja decides to escort the merchant and his escort to Rhalgr's Reach for medical attention, and asks you to meet her there to help report the incident to the Resistance.
  • After regrouping, you explain to Ceetol Ja that you were sent to Ala Mhigo at the behest of her grandfather, and you have agreed to assist her in reclaiming the Steelhog Vessel. With the artifact being used to further Chalteaufite's criminal activities, you and Ceetol Ja must act swiftly if you are to thwart whatever schemes he may be concocting.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from Ceetol Ja upon reaching level 92 in any physical ranged DPS class.