Trauma Queen

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Sidequest.pngWestern Thanalan Quest

Quest Giver Allene - Western Thanalan (x11.4, y13.9)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 1220
Unlocks The Wanderer's Palace


Unlocks The Wanderer's Palace


  • Speak with Abazi Charazi.


  • There is an impish, conspiratorial look about Allene. If her injuries allowed, she would sidle.
  • Allene tells you of the Wanderer's Palace, a glittering trove of treasures uncovered by the Calamity. She burns to return there, that much is obvious. Speak with Abazi Charazi down at the docks west of Camp Bronze Lake.
  • Unhinged by the loss of her lover to a tonberry's blade, Allene has been luring adventurers out to the palace with a tale much embroidered. Abazi Charazi offers to take you there, if you are prepared and so inclined. ※The Wanderer's Palace can be accessed via the Duty Finder.