Not Easy Being Green

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Not Easy Being Green

The Wanderer's Palace (Hard).png
Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:22.1, Y:8.7)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Ultimate Weapon
Feature QuestTrauma Queen
Experience 0
Gil 2,064

Bloezoeng seems to have eyes only for you.

— In-game description




Despite the (Hard) in the name, the dungeon is not actually more difficult than any other story-mode dungeon. It is easily completed blind with the Duty Finder.



  • Bloezoeng seems to have eyes only for you.
  • Bloezoeng is overjoyed to hear that you are the very adventurer who survived the Wanderer's Palace. He explains that a fellow in his acquaintance─a treasure hunter of sorts─has been searching for you. Go and discover why at Camp Bronze Lake in upper La Noscea.
  • You speak with the blundering treasure hunter and his companion. The two tell a harrowing tale, of how close they came to death within the Wanderer's Palace themselves, only to be saved by the tonberries. Their respite was short-lived, however, as a bloodthirsty band of Mamool Ja sellswords invaded not long after, slaughtering many tonberries and locking the remainder away. The treasure-hunting duo barely escaped the attack with their lives. Now, they ask that you give the mercenaries the boot, and so aid their tonberry comrades. Speak with the ferryman Abazi Charazi to gain entrance to the Wanderer's Palace.
  • Deciding to overlook his hatred of the tonberries, Abazi Charazi grants you passage to the Wanderer's Palace to save the beleaguered creatures from the Silverscales. ※The Wanderer's Palace (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • The Silverscales are now sleeping with faerie bass, so to speak, and the tonberries are rescued. Return to Camp Bronze Lake, and tell the treasure hunters of your triumph.
  • The treasure-hunting pair are overjoyed to hear of your success. They thank you profusely, vowing that they will do all in their power to ensure the tonberries' safety. With smiles on their lips, the two depart to live happy lives amongst their green friends.


Accepting the Quest

Bloezoeng: Good day to you, my wayfaring friend. Say, you wouldn't happen to be the woman/man who slew the tonberry king, would you?
Bloezoeng: I knew it, by the onion! I've a fine gent for you—looking for you, that is. He has an appetizing proposal on the table, and I think you should pay him a visit.
Bloezoeng: He is one of the treasure hunters at Camp Bronze Lake. Oh, and he will of course be there with his partner. The two are inseparable—but I'll let them tell you more themselves. Well, off to La Noscea with you!

Speaking with the blundering treasure hunter

Blundering Treasure Hunter: Eh, Bloezoeng sent ye our way, ye say? Well, I'll be thrice damned—it's you! Aye, the 'eroic lady/bloke what lopped off the tonberry king's 'ead.
Blundering Treasure Hunter: Do ye 'member us? We was the pair 'round the entrance to the Wanderer's Palace. Saw you right 'fore that great bleedin' tonberry stabbed us. 'Ere, wasn't we stabbed, love?
Steadfast Companion: Indeed we were. 'Twas most unpleasant. Now, adventurer, you are here to do something we would prefer not to do ourselves: venture into the Wanderer's Palace again!
Blundering Treasure Hunter: ...Best we start at the beginning, eh? Like I was sayin', we was 'ackin' away at little tonberries when the big one snuck up behind us! Well, we tried to fight it off, but it got the best of us. Never been in worse shape! Just lyin' there, bleedin'...
Blundering Treasure Hunter: Hells, I thought we weren't long for the realm! But just as I was thinkin' of me last words, lo and behold the tonberries we'd been 'avin' it our with started treatin' us! Nursed us right back to 'ealth, they did.
Blundering Treasure Hunter: That's when we learned the truth 'bout the tonbies. See, they was only menacin' folk 'cause of a curse...a curse that you lifted when ye slew the tonberry king.
Blundering Treasure Hunter: At 'eart, that lot're calm and twice as kindly again! Why, it was a right pleasure, 'avin' them take care of us for a fair spell. <sigh> It's a pity those peaceful days didn't last...
Blundering Treasure Hunter: A band of Mamool Ja what call themselves the "Silverscales" came stormin' into the palace! They say they're mercenaries, but they're nothin' but the scum of the bleedin' realm!
Steadfast Companion: The howling, the blood—and so many dead! As if that weren't enough, the surviving tonberries were locked away deep in the ruins! Why in the name of the Twelve do they deserve such a fate, I ask you!
Steadfast Companion: We...we had grown rather fond of the tonberries while living amongst them. They have good hearts, no matter how off their appearance. None of that should matter anyway. This fellow is Hyuran and I am Miqo'te; are we lesser a couple for our difference? I should think not!
Steadfast Companion: ...I say, you look like the learned type. Perhaps you have made the acquaintance of one called Surito Carito?
Steadfast Companion: I thought as much. Has he told you the tonberries' great secret: that they once looked the same as you or I?
Steadfast Companion: Is that not the greatest tragedy you have ever heard? To be so spurned and locked away in some horrid goal—and by one's own people, no less!
Steadfast Companion: MY dearest and I know their pain all too well. We both had to leave our birthplace. Why, you ask? Simply because we were different. No, we will not sit idly by and let the tonberries be subjected to such terrible treatment!
Blundering Treasure Hunter: Well said, love! But as much as we'd like to give the Silverscales the boot ourselves, we can't stand up to a cartload of Mamool Ja. So please, say ye'll do it in our place! The Wanderer's Palace is the only 'ome the tonberries 'ave got!
Blundering Treasure Hunter: Not ye'll ave to speak with Anazi Charazi and get a ride in 'is boat across the lak. Er...what's it now, von boyage?

Speaking with Abazi Charazi

Abazi Charazi: Come on that treasure hunter's errand, have ye? Well, I'll take ye 'cross the lake, but be warned: the palace yer makin' for is held by the Silverscales. And their leader's the most fearsome of the lot!
Abazi Charazi: Now, the tonberries aren't friends of mine, but even I think the way the Mamool Ja have 'em imprisoned is wrong. Capturin' them, turnin' them into thralls... Go and give those sellswords hell!

Entering the Wanderer's Palace (Hard)

Fruminous Koheel Ja: Adventurers? Here?
Why lookout no catch you?
Fruminous Koheel Ja: You brace to defy Silverscales—brave or stupid!
Fruminous Koheel Ja: Run, run, run! None can quench firelit spear!
Fruminous Koheel Ja: Burn!
Slithy Zolool Ja: Honor to you who slay Koheel Ja!
Slithy Zolool Ja: Much honor in death by old magicks of Mamool Ja!
Slithy Zolool Ja: H–Honor to you who
Manxome Molaa Ja Ja: We smash them, Brother? 
Into pulp, yessss, into pulp!
Manxome Molaa Ja Ja: Brother, they doomed with no heali—
Shhh! Keep tricksy secret to yourself!
Manxome Molaa Ja Ja: I no hold back, Brother!
Yesss, kill them—kill them now!
Manxome Molaa Ja Ja: Sick ones make sickness, Brother!
Ehehehe, so badly will they ache!
Manxome Molaa Ja Ja: I d-d-die?
Me too, Brothe...

Reporting to Blundering Treasure Hunter

Blundering Treasure Hunter: 'Ere, 'ave you swept the sellswords out of the palace? Hah! That's a splendid lass/lad! Our thanks to ye for savin' the tonbies, honest.
Steadfast Companion: Allow me to add my thanks to his, miss/sir. You have our gratitude on behalf of the tonberries as well.
Steadfast Companion: I think they truly deserve succor! Can you imagine losing your entire being to hatred? Little wonder the tonberries became monsters!
Steadfast Companion: Neither of us are strangers to hate. Growing more spiteful with each passing day is sadly the province of those who are shunned by all around them.
Steadfast Companion: Yet malice will turn us all to monsters. A tonberry told me as much one day. It gave me pause, to think of wandering for ages with a heart ruled by rancor.
Blundering Treasure Hunter: Aye, the tonbies 'ave known more than their fair share of 'ard times. So from 'ere on out, we want to make sure where they live stays a sanctuary.
Blundering Treasure Hunter: Fortunately, while there's 'venturers like yerself about to knock invaders out, we won't 'ave to fear for the tonbies. Now we're off for a right old reunion! Good fortune to ye, friend!