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Tomboy Foolery

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The Social Knitwork

The Social Knitwork.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:12.9, Y:10.6)
Required items
1 Holy rainbow gloves icon1.png  Holy Rainbow Gloves
Experience 663,390
Gil 390
Previous quest
The Social Knitwork
Next quest
For Lover and Country

Averil is pursing her lips in annoyance.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Averil is pursing her lips in annoyance.
  • Averil asks you to distract her mother for a spell, as she wishes to go to tea with her friends. Glenda does not approve of this clique, and so has hidden Averil's favorite dress to prevent her from going. Allow Averil the time she needs to search her own house by visiting with Glenda in Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral.
  • Glenda is disheartened to learn Averil has not yet called upon your skills as a weaver, but is more than happy to detail her many thoughts on Ishgard's youth. You listen politely at first, but after the second bell you can feel your eyes glazing over, and by the third you are sleeping on your feet. Just when you think you can take no more, Glenda announces it is time for her to head home. Return now to Averil near the Arc of the Venerable, and pray that this ordeal has not been for naught.
  • Thankfully, Averil has found her dress. Her outfit is complete but for a pair of gloves, which she wore until they were unusable. Now, she bids you craft her a pair of high-quality holy rainbow gloves to match her favorite dress.
  • Averil is overjoyed to try on the holy rainbow gloves, and praises them to the high heavens. Impressed by your skills, she promises that she will have many and more things for you to make in the future─but only after tea and seeing her sweetheart.
    • ※The next weaver quest will be available from Averil upon reaching level 55.