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For Lover and Country

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For Lover and Country

The Social Knitwork.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:12.9, Y:10.6)
Required items
1 Holy rainbow hat of healing icon1.png  Holy Rainbow Hat of Healing
Experience 836,550
Gil 1,535
Previous quest
Tomboy Foolery
Next quest
Spinning the Truth

Averil has a dreamy air to her.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Averil has a dreamy air to her.
  • Averil had an amazing tea, in no small part because her love was at the party. However, she is distressed to learn that he is bound for the front lines. Averil has made up her mind to join him when he leaves to keep him safe as a chirurgeon. Now, she must improve her own skills as a conjurer, and asks that you fashion her a hat. But not just a chirurgeon's hat, for then her mother would catch wind of Averil's plans. Instead, the hat must be fashionable. Unfamiliar with fashion herself, Averil asks you to speak with the more dapper townspeople to find out what is in vogue.
  • The natty townsfolk have informed you in no uncertain terms that cavalier's hats are in. Return to Averil and tell her of this interesting development.
  • Having heard your report, Averil requests that you fashion a cavalier's hat for her. However, she is unsure how to make it worthy of a conjurer, and so bids you speak with Redolent Rose in Ul'dah.
  • Though Redolent Rose is a bit taken aback by your request, he nevertheless rises to the challenge. He recommends holy rainbow cloth as perfect for your current project. Now, fashion a high-quality holy rainbow hat of healing and deliver it to Averil near the Arc of the Venerable.
  • Averil is thrilled with her new hat, and is in the middle of extolling its virtues when a young soldier stumbles up, wounded. Averil uses her magicks to heal him, then introduces him as Freskin, her "special" friend. Before the conversation can go anywhere, however, Averil realizes it would not do for her mother to see her together with Freskin, and shoos him away. After he has gone, she tells you she means to practice her conjury, but will likely have more to ask of you soon.
    • ※The next weaver quest will be available from Averil upon reaching level 58.