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Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle

Required quest
Doing the Dirty Work
Experience 0
Gil 658
Previous quest
Spirits Most Foul

The Deputy Postmoogle eyes his letter sack, visibly trembling.

— In-game description




  • The deputy postmoogle eyes his letter sack, visibly trembling.
  • Wings twitching and fur standing on end, the deputy postmoogle hands you a package addressed to a researcher by the name of Marcette. Do your best to put the stench of the package and the moogle's curious behavior out of mind as you make the delivery to Dunstan's Spire, where Marcette is engaged in field work.
  • You deliver the package to Marcette, who proceeds to berate her hapless research assistant Hobriaut for misinterpreting her order. Summarily enlisting you as one of her lackeys, she commands you to make for the Royal Plantations in central Thanalan, where you are to procure one live mole pup for use in her next experiment. One of the botanists there should be able to assist you.
  • The botanist Gagari furnishes you with the proper tools and educates you in the fundamentals of mole-catching. First, set the bundle of weeds you received atop the mole hole.
  • The entrance to the mole's subterranean nest is now covered with weeds. Set them alight using the flint stone furnished
  • The mole pup has emerged from the hole along with its mother, understandably less than pleased with your incursion into her home. Slay the vicious critter and claim the specimen that Marcette seeks.
  • You are now the proud owner of one newborn mole pup-- a rather cute little critter, when all is said and done. Deliver it to Marcette at Dunstan's Spire, and hope that she will be gentle.
  • No sooner did Marcette take the mole pup in hand than did she rain blows down all around the poor unwitting beast. She proceeds to explain that the point of her experiment was to prove her hypothesis that moles sense danger not with their oversized eyes, but by the vibrations around them. Quick to declare the experiment a success, she gloats at having once again shown up her one-time teacher, Atelloune, and mercifully affords you and the frightened critter a chance at escape...



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