The Way of the Samurai (FATE)

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The Way of the Samurai (FATE)
Type Defend
Location Central Shroud - Sorrel Haven (x11,y22)
Level 31
Duration 15m
Friendly NPC Iroha
Enemies Gore Demon, Tarbotaur, Orderly Imp
Description Iroha is surprised to find that the voidsent near Haukke Manor are reminiscent of demons from an old story she knows well. Join her in battle and help her to defeat the fiends.
Experience 7,600
Gil 62
Company Seals 178
Previous FATE The Maiden's Rhapsody (2015)
The Way of the Samurai (FATE) is a level 31 Defend FATE in Central Shroud - Sorrel Haven (x11,y22).

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