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The Two Princesses of Sui–no–Sato

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The Two Princesses of Sui–no–Sato

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:20.2, Y:20.1)

Experience 95,850
Gil 1,500
Previous quest
Forever and Ever Apart
The Elixir of Life

The Ruby Princess impatiently awaits Inban's arrival.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • The Ruby Princess impatiently awaits Inban's arrival.
  • Master Inban has yet to arrive with the medicine, and the Ruby Princess grows restless. She would like to check upon the condition of her friend while she waits and requests that you accompany her to where Hisui sleeps.
  • You, Shiosai, and Princess Kurenai are gathered around Hisui, whose eyes remain closed. As you speculate what may have caused her to fall into her deep slumber, Master Inban finally arrives with the fabled elixir. He tells you that pouring the magical liquid over her will revitalize her spirit. Princess Kurenai taking the potion, sprinkles it over her lady-in-waiting, who almost immediately awakens. Everyone is overjoyed, but celebrations are cut short when Shiosai announces that the Ruby Princess must now return to the palace.
  • The Ruby Princess gives you a heartfelt good-bye. She tells you of how Shiosai has agreed to allow her to sneak into the village on special occasions during which Hisui will stay at the palace and stand in as her. After telling you she is certain your paths will cross in the future, she gives you a small bow before turning and walking back toward Shisui of the Violet Tides.



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