Keeping the Spirit Alive

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Keeping the Spirit Alive

Pugilist quest image.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.7, Y:10.3)
Experience 6,960
Gil 0
Previous quest
The Spirit Is Willing
Next quest
Star-crossed Rivals

Hamon is in dire need of cheering up.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Hamon is in dire need of cheering up.
  • Recent events have left Hamon deeply depressed. Unable to muster up the will to train you, he bids you seek out Chuchuto for your next lesson.
  • Chuchuto believes that if you go about your training the way that Hamon once did, you might serve to stroke the fires of his fighting spirit. To this end, she bids you go to the southern part of Drybone, and there perform a Bootshine combo on the trees that bear indentations. Doing so will stir hornet clouds from their hives. Defeat them and claim six of their stingers.
  • You have obtained the required number of hornet stingers. Present them to Hamon at the Pugilists' Guild.
  • As Chuchuto had expected, the hornet stingers remind Hamon of his younger days, and the man expressed his fervent desire to relive them again. Rather unexpectedly, however, he demands that you fight now fight him. Let your guildmaster know when you are ready to begin.
  • No sooner does your bout with the guildmaster end than his old rival, Weggfarr Wideaxe, arrived on the scene with Rurukuta in tow. Having made a mockery of Hamon's efforts, Weggfarr challenges him to a public rematch, with the Pugilists' Guild itself as the prize for the winner. Speak with your guildmaster and learn his mind on the matter.
  • Much to Chuchuto's dismay, Hamon is determined to face Weggfarr again. Back in his prime, the guildmaster defeated the hulking marauder, and he believes he can repeat the deat - with your help. Keep up your training, that your progress might inspire Hamon to regain his former strength.