The Rematch

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The Rematch

Gladiator quest image.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:9.3, Y:12.0)
Required items
1 Wrinkled bill of sale icon1.png  Wrinkled Bill of Sale
1 Rhalgrs bile icon1.png  Rhalgr's Bile
Experience 12,480
Previous quest
Feature QuestOn Holy Ground
Next quest
Feature QuestPaladin's Pledge

First Sword Mylla is extremely upset due to a recent turn of events...

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


The level 20 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestSylph-management is required for the next quest to unlock.



  • Aldis has been arrested by the Brass Blades on suspicion of plotting to assassinate the sultana. Mylla believes the accusations to be an Alacran machination, and bids you to speak with Wymond on the Steps of Nald to see what information you can uncover regarding the conspiracy.
  • Wymond informs you that the poison found in Aldis's possession was Rhalgr's Bile. The recipe for this rare and expensive concoction is said to be a closely guarded secret of the Corpse Brigade, a gang of criminals headquartered at the Sepulchre in southern Thanalan. Infiltrate the Sepulchre and search for evidence that proves the Corpse Brigade supplied the Alacran with the poison.
  • Your search yields a vial of Rhalgr's Bile, along with records proving that the poison was sold to the Alacran, not Aldis. Report your findings to Mylla at the Gladiators' Guild.
  • Although the guildmaster is overjoyed by your discovery, it seems your efforts may be for naught. The Sacrarium has ordered Aldis's execution, and your only hope of saving him is to present the evidence to the official overseeing the proceedings at Highbridge in eastern Thanalan. Hurry to the execution site and save Aldis from the headsman!
  • Aldis's execution serves to draw Leavold out of hiding, and the former champions face each other in single combat. As they duel, you and your guildmates battle Alacran henchmen atop the bridge. You defeat the criminals in time to see Aldis disarm Leavold, who chooses to take his own life rather than surrender to his rival. Return to the Gladiators' Guild and discuss the events of recent days with Mylla.
  • Having finally put an end to Leavold's machinations, Aldis decides to leave Ul'dah. Before he departs, he explains that he was once offered a sultan's ransom in exchange for a loss against Leavold, but he chose to preserve his honor instead—a choice that triggered the events that would tear the two men and the woman they loved apart. After watching Aldis walk out of her life once more, Mylla rallies her gathered gladiators, declaring that they all have the potential for greatness─but that it is up to them to determine their own destinies.


Mylla: Damn it all to the seventh hell! This is madness!
Mylla: It's Aldis. He's been arrested by the Brass Blades! They claim he was plotting to assassinate the sultana!
Mylla: This is utter nonsense! He has no motive to do so! And whatever I've said about the man, he would never resort to using poison!
Mylla: The Alacran must be behind this. They have failed to kill him time and again, and now they're reaching out to their Monetarist allies. I didn't want to believe Wymond when he said they had such influence, but─
Mylla: Wait...that's it! If anyone can help us unravel this plot, it's Wymond. He has a reputation for knowing things he shouldn't, after all.
Mylla: Find Wymond, see what he can tell us. Aldis is many things, but he is not a murderer!
Wymond: I was wonderin' when you might come along, [Forename]. Frankly, I'm surprised Aldis went so quietly. He ought to know there's no walkin' away from this...
Q1: What will you ask?
A1: What happened between Aldis and Leavold seven years ago?
A2: Why would Aldis surrender himself?
Wymond: You really don't know, do you? Best I start at the beginnin', then.
Wymond: Aldis is somethin' of an enigma. He and Leavold were two of the greatest gladiators ever to grace the bloodsands. But he threw all that hard-fought glory away for a few gil more.
Wymond: See, the average Ul'dahn loves a good Coliseum fight. And what better way to make a gladiatorial spectacle more entertainin' than wagerin' on the outcome?
Wymond: So when it got out that Aldis was orchestratin' a match-fixin' scheme of untold proportions, can imagine the shock an' anger the people felt. He was expelled from the Coliseum, an' his wins were stricken from the record.
Wymond: Your guildmaster Mylla got the worst of it, though. Not only was her friend exposed as a fraud, but around the same time, her father fell ill an' passed away. There were some oddities surroundin' his death, too... 'Twas rumored he took his own life out of shame for his disgraced pupil, or that he might've even been murdered by the man. Baseless conjecture, really, but it made Aldis look that much worse.
Wymond: In the end, Mylla lost two of the most important men in her life, an' was forced to take charge of the guild alone. And Leavold? He tried to go it solo on the bloodsands, but it wasn't the same. Without Aldis, his career was finished.
Wymond: Now you know the nature of the man you so desperately want to save. Though, judgin' from that look in your eyes, I gather you still have your reservations.
Wymond: <sigh> Fine, then. Though you can't blame me for doubtin' a man found in possession of Rhalgr's Bile.
Wymond: 'Tis a vile poison─rare an' expensive, too. Only the Corpse Brigade knows how to make it, I hear. Gods only know why they'd give it to Aldis. Could go to their headquarters at the Sepulchre in southern Thanalan an' ask 'em direct, I reckon.
Wymond: I've an aversion to direct confrontation, personally─but you don't, do you?
Wymond: By the by, should you save the poor bastard's life, tell him we're even─an' that I hope it was all worth it.
Mylla: Where have you been, [Forename]!? Aldis has been given over into the custody of the Sacrarium! They mean to execute him! We must do something!
Mylla: Th-This poison, is it...? <gasp> You've proof that the Alacran purchased it from the Corpse Brigade! Thank the gods, you've done it!
Mylla: Quickly, we must show this to the official presiding over his execution at Highbridge! Go, now!
Mylla: We must go now, [Forename]! To Highbridge!
Unsettled Gladiator: We tried to delay them, [Forename], but they've already taken Aldis below. Hurry, before it's too late!
Order Of Nald'thal Priest: The Sacrarium has sentenced you to death for your crimes against the sultanate. Have you any last─
Order Of Nald'thal Priest: Huh!? Who are you, and what do you want!?
Order Of Nald'thal Priest: These are bold accusations you make, adventurer.
Order Of Nald'thal Priest: However, the Sacrarium has found the prisoner guilty in the eyes of gods and men, and he will be executed forthwith.
Aldis: Don't waste your breath, [Forename]. Thal's scales have always yielded to wealth above all else, and Leavold's spent a fortune to secure my sentence.
Order Of Nald'thal Priest: Silence, criminal! And you─what are you waiting for? Do it!
Order Of Nald'thal Priest: Where did that─
Mylla: Aldis!
Aldis: Just couldn't stay away, could you? Well, at least I don't have to steal the headsman's axe.
Aldis: If the gods are to have blood this day, I'm afraid it won't be mine. Since you two are so devout, perhaps you'd be willing to offer yourselves in exchange?
Order Of Nald'thal Priest: M-M-Mercy!
Your actions have attracted unwanted attention...
Leavold: Interfering with the law is a heinous crime. In fact, I believe it is punishable by death!
Aldis: I had a feeling the spectacle would draw you here.
Leavold: I should've dealt with you myself from the start. Come─let's dance, brother.
Aldis: So it's to be a rematch? Very well, I accept.
Aldis: Mylla and the others need you, [Forename]! Leave him to me!
Mylla: Aldis!
Leavold: ALDIIIS!
Defeat the Alacran!
Aldis: They need you up on the bridge, [Forename]!
Mylla: Up here, [Forename]!
Mylla: Deal with that mage, [Forename]! Quickly!
Aldis: Voidsent!? Gods damn you, Leavold!
Aldis: Do not panic, brothers! It can be slain!
Ugh... Damn you...
<gasp> First Sword, I can't...
Aldis: You almost had me, Leavold...
Leavold: Stay back! I won't have your pity!
Leavold: You just had to have it all, didn't you!? Just one victory, just one bloody match...
Leavold: But your precious ego couldn't accept that. You ruined everything!
Leavold: <cough> <cough> Tell me, does it feel to lose your name, your legacy...everything you ever loved?
Leavold: I want to much you suffered...
Aldis: Let it go, Leavold. It's over.
Leavold: Like hells it is. I swear, you will never know peace─not in this life...or the next.
Aldis: Leavold, no!
Aldis: You know damn well neither of us will see Thal's realm...
Mylla: Let's go. Our comrades are waiting.
Mylla: I'm glad you were there, [Forename]. Without you, I doubt we could have defeated the Alacran.
Aldis: Have you ever considered the Coliseum? You'd make a wonderful attraction. Of course, you'd need a title that befits your prowess.
Mylla: ...Now that it's all over, you'll be staying, won't you?
Aldis: No. Leavold may be dead, but the Alacran are far from finished. I'd rather not linger and give them a chance to regroup and seek revenge.
Aldis: It is a true tragedy that I cannot enjoy the company of Ul'dah's lovely ladies any longer, but I have faith that equally radiant beauties await me in distant lands.
Mylla: Aldis, I─
Aldis: Not another word, my dear. It's bad enough that the First Sword has permitted a disgraced gladiator to fraternize with her subordinates. Can you imagine the scandal if she became personally involved with the man?
Aldis: Nevertheless, I understand how you feel, Mylla. I'm known to have this effect on the fairer sex.
Mylla: I should've let the headsman have his way with you. That way you might learn something of humility.
Aldis: Ah, but how am I supposed to remember the lesson without a head?
Aldis: Your father would be proud of you, Mylla. Don't ever change.
Aldis: Ah, yes─there's one more thing I wanted to say to you before I go, [Forename].
Aldis: Seven years ago, before my last match on the bloodsands, I was given an offer. A sultan's ransom in exchange for a loss. Leavold begged and pleaded, but I...I just couldn't do it.
Aldis: Call it honor or pride or whatever you like. I made my choice, and in spite all that came of it, to this day I have no regrets.
Aldis: It's a simple thing to know what's right. Listen to that heart of yours and it will never lead you astray.
Aldis: Trust in your comrades, have faith in your skills, and you will triumph over any adversity.
Aldis: And with that, I bid you all farewell.
Mylla: ...I'd better not have to wait seven years to see that bastard again.
Mylla: There's still so much I want to─
Mylla: What in the seven hells are you all looking at!? This is a training hall! Why aren't you all training right now!?
Mylla: You think all it takes to stand on the bloodsands is a sword and a stupid grin? No! It takes years of hard work, an ocean of blood and sweat, and an unbreakable will! Every man and woman here has the potential to become a champion, but it is you─and you alone─who decides your destiny.
Mylla: So answer me now, gladiators! Will you follow in the footsteps of your brothers and sisters and inscribe your names in legend!?
(-Gladiators-) Aye!!!