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The Realm of the Gods

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The Realm of the Gods

The Realm of the Gods.png
Quest giver
G'raha Tia
The Omphalos (X:6.2, Y:6.3)
Quest line
Myths of the Realm Quests
Experience 0
Gil 5,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Mission in Mor Dhona
Next quest
Feature QuestA Divine Dilemma

G'raha Tia is pondering how best to proceed.

— In-game description





  • G'raha Tia is pondering how best to proceed.
  • In order to solve the phantom realm's mysteries, G'raha believes that a thorough investigation is in order. But ere you are able to set off for Sharlayan to make the necessary arrangements, four mysterious beings appear who claim to be of the Twelve, the guardian deities of Eorzean myth. They declare that, in Hydaelyn's absence, they are the rightful rulers of the star, and you must prove your strength if mankind is to remain the master of his own destiny. After the gods take their leave, G'raha Tia expresses his uncertainty over the unexpected developments, but concedes that they may have far-reaching implications. So it is that you resolve to answer the gods' challenge, and formally accept the request to investigate the phantom realm.
  • As you deliberate a course of action, Deryk reveals that he has previously explored the sanctums that lie beyond each gate in the Omphalos. Though he is no warrior, he offers to serve as your guide on your foray. And as strong as you are, G'raha Tia believes that it would be reckless to face an unknown threat by yourselves. As such, noting Byregot's instruction to assemble your comrades, he sets out to recruit your fellow adventurers to assist you. When you have completed your preparations, you may sally forth for whatever trials may await.
    • ※Aglaia can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • Stepping through the gateway, you emerge in a domain of thunder and lightning not unlike that described in Eorzean legend. Soon you come face-to-face with the Builder, and after a furious struggle, succeed in bringing him to his knees. Yet your trials are far from over, for the deity bids you press on. And you do so, going on to encounter yet more divinities in the form of Rhalgr, Azeyma, and finally Nald'thal. Each provides you with stern contest, but you succeed in prevailing over them all. Your trials appearing to be at an end for now, you and Deryk make your way back to the Omphalos.
  • Back in the Omphalos, you are joined by G'raha Tia and Krile. No sooner do you begin recounting your encounter with the four gods than the entities themselves manifest before you. Having given their assurance that they are not primals, the beings reveal that they need to do battle with you in order to fulfill their objective. And though they cannot reveal the details of said objective, they encourage you to seek out the truth. With that, they return to their sanctums, leaving you and your companions to mull over recent events.
  • While much about the mighty beings remains shrouded in mystery, Krile takes some comfort in the fact that they seem reasonable. In considering your next step, she is eager to hear your detailed account of them.


G'raha Tia: Well, it seems there is but one solution for our ignorance: a thorough investigation!

G'raha Tia: For this, we will require more manpower and supplies, among other things.

G'raha Tia: With your permission, we will confer with our representative, Krile, and make the necessary arrangements for a formal investigation.

Deryk: If that is what must be done to commence your work in earnest, then by all means.

G'raha Tia: Without further ado, then, let us return to Sharlayan.

???: Hold, mortals.

???: You profane this sacred realm with your very presence, and must answer for your irreverence.

Byregot: I am Byregot, the Builder.

G'raha Tia: Byregot!? Then...the Twelve are real!?

Byregot: Let there be no doubt: we are not simulacra born of mortal faith.

Byregot: Nay, we Twelve are divinities true.

Byregot: And in Hydaelyn's absence, we are the star's rightful rulers. Its will.

Spirited Woman's Voice: Closely have we watched mankind.

Spirited Woman's Voice: And we have determined that you, champion of Hydaelyn, pose a threat to our ascension.

Sagely Man's Voice: You were foolish to wander into our realm. We could destroy you with ease here and now...but as divinities, we must demonstrate grace and forbearance.

Measured Men's Voice: There is but one path. We must weigh this mortal's worth.

Spirited Woman's Voice: Hear, hear! Let there be a trial.

Byregot: Hmmm... While the mortal would invariably be destroyed, it would at least provide us with a diversion.

G'raha Tia: What!? You suddenly appear, and expect us to simply comply with your whims!?

Byregot: Protest if you wish, but mortal logic means naught to gods. You will abide by our laws.

Byregot: Lo! The gateway to our sanctums lies open.

Sagely Man's Voice: Show us the strength of mankind.

Spirited Woman's Voice: Show us the honor of mankind.

Measured Men's Voice: Show us the spirit of mankind.

Byregot: If man would remain the master of his own destiny, then assemble your comrades and come. Come, and prove your worthiness.

Deryk: Seven hells... During my previous forays, nothing like this ever happened. I encountered not a single soul─and certainly not gods.

Deryk: And by their own admission, they mean to take over the star. What are we to do?

G'raha Tia: The situation has indeed taken an unexpected turn...but we must try to think clearly.

G'raha Tia: The Twelve have long been revered and worshipped in Eorzea, and myths about Them abound.

G'raha Tia: But to my knowledge, They have never thus appeared so openly before people.

G'raha Tia: For these beings to suddenly reveal themselves just when we're here, claim supremacy over the star, and challenge [Forename] to a trial...

G'raha Tia: Too much about this feels odd, and it gives me pause.

Deryk: Fair enough... Yet as it stands, it seems we can't dismiss the threat either.

What will you say?

> Whatever they are, if they're issuing challenge, then challenge accepted!

> Gaius van Baelsar once said that the Twelve, too, were simply primals.

G'raha Tia: 'Tis true that even Hydaelyn and Zodiark were primals, and we cannot discount the possibility, but we know too little to draw conclusions.

> This is turning out to be a rather strange affair...

G'raha Tia: In any event, if these beings seek dominion over the star as they say, what happens here may have far-reaching implications.

G'raha Tia: To that end, I believe we should take action. Suffice it to say you are with me?

Deryk: Then the Students of Baldesion will officially tend to the situation?

G'raha Tia: Aye. In the course of studying the star's mysteries, we have undertaken to deal with any threats that may arise. This is no different.

“The Realm of the Gods” accepted.

Deryk: To think that we would encounter the Twelve...

G'raha Tia: Right, let us deliberate a course of action. Deryk─know you aught of these beings' sanctums?

Deryk: Aye, they are domains in the phantom realm that lie beyond each gate. I've explored them all.

Deryk: Perhaps due to aetheric instability, there are times when one can enter when ordinarily one cannot. But 'twould seem the way has been opened for us.

Deryk: While I encountered no gods during my previous forays, I saw enough to know my way around.

Deryk: I am but a humble explorer and cannot contend with gods. But if you would be willing to protect me, I will serve as your guide.

G'raha Tia: “Assemble your comrades,” Byregot bade us...

G'raha Tia: As strong as I know you are, we know little and less about our foes. Neither their strength nor their true nature. 'Twould be decidedly reckless to contend with them unprepared.

G'raha Tia: And so, as much as I would like to accompany you, I shall do what affords us the best chance at victory.

G'raha Tia: While you set forth to answer the gods' challenge, I will work behind the scenes in my capacity as a Student.

G'raha Tia: For one, it would behoove us to arm ourselves with knowledge about the Twelve, and I shall begin by apprising Krile of the situation.

G'raha Tia: By thus utilizing our resources to the fullest, we shall overcome whatever trials await!

The Duty Finder has been updated with a new regular duty.

“The Realm of the Gods” objective fulfilled!

Deryk: If you are ready to set forth, then so am I.

During the Trial:

Deryk: A domain aspected to lighting... Byregot is here, I shouldn't doubt.

Deryk: The mechanical spire ahead could have been plucked straight out of legend!

Byregot: So, you are resolved to face me.

Byregot: Come, children of man!

Ingenuity's Foothold will be sealed off in 15 seconds!

Ingenuity's Foothold is sealed off!

Byregot: Scatter!

Byregot: Bend the knee!

Byregot: Tremble before my divinity!

Byregot: Behold the virtuosity of the Builder!

Byregot: To me, O hammer divine!

Byregot: Searing light, smite my foes!

Byregot: 'Tis too late to beg mercy!

Byregot: If you would halt our ascension, then press on.

Ingenuity's Foothold is no longer sealed!

Deryk: That you should best a divinity... I couldn't have asked for better help!

Rhalgr: The Builder has been made to yield...

Rhalgr: Intriguing. Then the Destroyer shall take your measure...

Rhalgr: ...After you have provided my servant with some sport.

Rhalgr's Emissary: In the name of the Destroyer, I will lay you low.

The Path will be sealed off in 15 seconds!

The Path is sealed off!

Rhalgr's Emissary: My divine axe will rend you in twain!

Destructive charges are on the move!

The Path is no longer sealed!

Deryk: So the gods have minions at their beck and call... We must proceed with care.

Deryk: Rhalgr isn't known as the god of destruction without reason. Steel yourself.

Rhalgr: Ahead stands a statute I have fashioned for our contest.

Rhalgr: Come, show me the strength of mankind!

The Monument to Destruction will be sealed off in 15 seconds!

Rhalgr: Upon the ground you shall crawl!

The Monument to Destruction is sealed off!

Rhalgr: By my authority as the Destroyer...

Rhalgr: Bask in my blinding resplendence!

Rhalgr: I will break you body and soul!

Rhalgr: Wandering star, descend and destroy!

Rhalgr: Keep a reverent distance!

Rhalgr: Can you predict your own undoing?

Rhalgr: Bask in my blinding resplendence!

Rhalgr: Most impressive, children of man...

The Monument to Destruction is no longer sealed!

???: Come, mortals. Enter my realm─if you dare.

Deryk: Come, let us keep moving.

You move to the Heaven of Fire.

Deryk: Another domain─one aspected to fire...

Deryk: Then the voice that called out to us...

The pedestal of passage springs to life.

Lion of Aglaia: That mortals should set foot in our divine realm...

Come, we shall see whether you are fit to remain!

The Endless City will be sealed off in 15 seconds!

Deryk: Yet more servants of the gods!?

The Endless City is sealed off!

Lioness of Aglaia: Grrr, it isn't over yet!

The Endless City is no longer sealed!

Deryk: Mere minions are no match for you, 'twould seem.

Deryk: A divinity awaits us beyond. Have care.

The pedestal of passage springs to life.

The Circle of Inquiry will be sealed off in 15 seconds!

Azeyma: You will be scoured by the light of the Sun!

Deryk: Azeyma, goddess of the sun...

The Circle of Inquiry is sealed off!

Azeyma: O crimson fan, in fire woven...

Azeyma: In your wake leave naught uncleansed!

Azeyma: Is it just a mirage...or something more?

Azeyma: An explosive finish!

Celestial flames converge at Azeyma's feet!

Azeyma: Let there be fire!

Azeyma: Raging flames, dance upon the wind!

Azeyma: None can escape the inferno!

Azeyma: This will burn!

Azeyma: A gift of flame for our children!

Celestial flames converge at Azeyma's feet!

Azeyma: Ever shall the fires burn...

The Circle of Inquiry is no longer sealed!

Deryk: Look how the sky has changed! The result of your victory over Azeyma, I daresay...

The pedestal of passage springs to life.

Deryk: There's a city up ahead... Could there be people here?

The Twin Halls will be sealed off in 15 seconds!

Nald'thal: You shall bear witness to our might...

The Twin Halls is sealed off!

Nald'thal: But will you be able to comprehend it?

Thal: Ashes you will be.

Thal: The flames of the abyss consume all.

Thal: Bitterest suffering awaits.

Thal: From ashes you came, to ashes you will return.

Nald: Will you weather my trial?

Nald: We have only just begun!

Nald: Still you defy our divine authority.

Nald: Very well. Let us proceed to your judgment.

Nald: We, the Traders, shall weigh your souls!

An empty soul vessel has appeared!

The vessel has been filled with a mock soul!

Thal: Preserve the balance if you can.

5 seconds to Balance.

4 seconds to Balance.

3 seconds...

2 seconds...

1 second...

Thal: The moment of judgment is come.

Nald'thal: Well done! You are deserving of reward!

Thal: As a show of esteem, we shall bring our all to bear.

Nald: Man's tenacity is a sight to behold!

Nald: Hahaha! Such vim and vigor!

The Twin Halls is no longer sealed!

Aglaia has ended.

Cutscene After Aglaia

Krile: You're safe! Thank goodness!

Krile: I rushed here as soon as I heard the tidings from Raha. Is this true? Beings claiming to be the Twelve have appeared?

G'raha Tia: You defeated them all? Incredible!

G'raha Tia: I had no doubt that you would succeed, but I'm no less impressed for it!

Rhalgr: Gahahaha! Seldom have I felt such exhilaration!

Rhalgr: To think that the day would come that we would put on an act for men... I must say, Byregot, you played the villain's role to perfection!

Byregot: Come now, Master, I merely did what was necessary to compel the mortals to confront us.

Azeyma: <sigh> Still, it pained me to speak to our beloved children so unkindly...

Nald'thal: So you say, Azeyma, yet you seemed happy enough to fight them. You did not forget the true purpose of the trial, I hope?

Azeyma: Well, I couldn't help but be excited. And do not tell me you felt differently!

Azeyma: Consider yourselves fortunate, children. 'Tis rare indeed to see Nald'thal in such high spirits.

Krile: What in the world is happening? Didn't you say you had defeated them?

G'raha Tia: Did they manage to flee...or perhaps were resummoned!?

Rhalgr: Put up your weapons. You have naught to fear from us.

Byregot: Rest assured we are not summoned beings. We do not drain the land of aether, nor do we take men into our thrall.

G'raha Tia: But...what of the gods who were summoned during the Calamity?

G'raha Tia: The ones Master Louisoix called forth to protect the realm...

Nald'thal: That was not us, but a primal born of your fervent prayers for salvation.

Azeyma: Indeed. That the worst of the Calamity was averted and the realm restored in its aftermath was a direct testament to the power of your hopes.

Byregot: ...Just as men harbor hopes, so too do we gods.

Byregot: To realize our aspirations, 'tis essential that we do battle with you. Thus did I falsely claim that we sought to rule the world.

Byregot: 'Twas deceitful conduct unworthy of a divinity, and I must apologize. Not only for that, but for using my power to do harm besides.

Krile: These hopes of yours─won't you tell us what they are?

Nald'thal: We cannot. If you wish to know the truth, you must discover it for yourselves.

Azeyma: 'Tis not easy to move forward when there is seemingly no destination. But if you press on, you will eventually arrive at the answers you seek.

Rhalgr: Aye, you will understand why we hold our peace, and far more besides. You will learn the very truth of our existence.

Byregot: Go forth, mortals, and seek knowledge of us. And when the time is right, we shall meet again in this place.

After end of Cutscene

“The Realm of the Gods” objective fulfilled!

Deryk: When I first explored the phantom realm, it appeared to be unoccupied. To think that it was home to the gods...

G'raha Tia: We have met and exchanged words with the Twelve... When I pause to think, I can scarce believe it.

Krile: As if hearing about your battling the Twelve weren't shocking enough, to have them appear before my very eyes... Suffice it to say it's been an interesting day.

Krile: While much about them remains shrouded in mystery, at least they seem open to reason. In considering our next step, I should very much like to hear your detailed account of them.

Krile: Right after I have a word with our client, that is. Please give me a moment to introduce myself, and then we can review the situation.

“The Realm of the Gods” complete!