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The Newer King on the Block

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The Newer King on the Block

Quest giver
Hearty Hunter
Kugane (X:9.7, Y:8.9)
Quest line
The Hunt For Rathalos
Required quest
Stormblood (Quest)
Experience 0
Gil 500
Previous quest
The New King on the Block

Judging by the hunter's jovial expression, the hunt is still on.

— In-game description





There are no journal entries for this quest.


Accepting the Quest

Hearty Hunter: The great hunter returns. You did well taking on that Rathalos.

Hearty Hunter: Though I must ask: was the battle grueling? Did the mountains sing with the sound of claws clashing with steel?

Player: I've had tougher battles. / It was admittedly more trouble than I expected.

"I've had tougher battles."

Hearty Hunter: Ah, but of course. Perhaps battle with a high ranking Rathalos would have put a bit of sweat on your brow.

"It was admittedly more trouble than I expected."

Hearty Hunter: Truly? I shudder to think what would have happened had you encountered a high-ranking Rathalos, then.

Hearty Hunter: Piqued your curiosity, have I? Well, I can only tell you what I've heard.

Hearty Hunter: They say there is a stronger brood of Rathalos that would make short work of your average hunter.

Hearty Hunter: Mayhap that kitten friend of yours knows something of it. He was, after all, the one who originally posted a bill for the beast.

Hearty Hunter: No need to worry over it now, though. I'd say you've earned a rest after your recent exertions in the Azim Steppe. When you're up for another hunt I'll be here, ready and waiting.

Finishing the Quest

Hearty Hunter: The mighty hunter returns, and with [his/her] feline companion!

Felyne: Feline!? How rude! I am a Felyne you dullard!

Hearty Hunter: I... fail to see the difference... Ahem. But that is neither here nor there. I asked [Player] to bring you here that we might learn the truth of these high-ranking Rathalos I recently caught wind of.

Felyne: High Rank Rathalos? They're an older, much more powerful brood of wyvern...

Felyne: Without sufficient protection, even the simplest of swipes is all it would take to rend a hunter in two.

Hearty Hunter: If I didn't know better, I'd say you were talking about an elite mark. Yes, a challenge no self-respecting hunter can ignore!

Hearty Hunter: It's settled, then. Are you ready, my friend?

Smithy: Aye! Let's get to it!

Felyne: Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but now isn't the time to be kitten around. To be purrrfectly plain, I'd rather not see another hunter charbroiled today.

System: You have unlocked the Great Hunt (Extreme). Test your mettle against High Rank Rathalos and reap rich rewards!

System: Please note you may only enter the Great Hunt (Extreme) with four players.

Hearty Hunter: Off on another hunt, are we? Be sure to leave a few marks for the rest of us.