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The Missing Logbook

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The Missing Logbook

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Quest giver
The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:28.6, Y:19.5)
Required quest
An Illuminati Incident
Experience 13,260
Gil 765
Previous quest
Administrative Difficulties
Next quest
Red Tape

Dripwix wants to know why you came looking for him.

— In-game description





  • Dripwix wants to know why you came looking for him.
  • Dripwix has been keeping a log of the various problems he has observed in the goblins' newly founded settlement. This would be an invaluable tool in helping address the problems Slowfix has been experiencing, but unfortunately the logbook somehow fell into the hands of the Illuminati. One of the espertype magitek vangobs G-III that patrol the area has it, but Dripwix does not know which one. If you destroy enough of the things, the logbook is bound to turn up.
  • You have destroyed several magitek vangobs, but are yet to find Dripwix's logbook. He seems quite certain that it was taken by an espertype magitek vangob G-III. Keep destroying them until you find the logbook.
  • You have finally found Dripwix's logbook. Take it back to the eagerly waiting goblin.
  • With his logbook safely recovered, Dripwix can now return to Idyllshire and assist Slowfix as requested. Meet up with him at Idyllshire.
  • In order to address the increasing abundance of problems Idyllshire is experiencing, Dripwix suggests implementing rules to govern the settlement's inhabitants. Slowfix is strongly opposed to the idea, believing that rules would run counter to the principles of freedom and liberty that the settlement was founded on. Eventually he relents when the problems being caused by the settlement's complete lack of laws and procedures are pointed out to him.