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The Blade Mislaid

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The Blade Mislaid

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Quest giver
Kugane (X:9.9, Y:7.8)
Quest line
Even Further Hildibrand Adventures

Experience 0
Gil 2,259
Previous quest
In the Eye of the Hingan
Next quest
The Black Heart Beneath

Shigure is determined to put matters to rights.

— In-game description



  • Shigure is determined to put matters to rights.
  • In the chaos and confusion of the theft, Shigure seized a blade from the Wolf Burglar, thinking it to be the Soboro Sukehiro. Alas, it was actually a common dagger─old and worn and of Doman make. Yet therein may lie a clue as to the whereabouts of the thief, Shigure believes...
  • Having arrived in Yanxia, Shigure is momentarily at a loss as to how to proceed. Fortunately, your new comrade, Yojimbo, has brought with him Daigoro─loyal companion and good dog. After sniffing the Wolf Burglar's dagger, Daigoro woofs and bounds off towards Monzen, leaving the rest of you to follow.
  • Once more you find yourselves at an impasse, as Daigoro is unable to continue his pursuit, his senses having become overwhelmed by the stench of a nearby Namazu. Nevertheless, he has led you this far, and your companions remain confident that they may find the Wolf Burglar or some trace of his passing nearby.
  • In searching the ruins you come upon a Namazu in his death throes, who abruptly leaps to his feet and explains he is merely suffering from the world's worst hangover. A cursory questioning reveals that he may have seen the Wolf Burglar while he was deep in his teacups─a fact you share with Shigure and Hildibrand as they appear moments later. Due to the circumstances, the Namazu is reluctant to trust his memories to steer you the right way─his barbels, on the other hand, ought to do the trick. Curiously (but not altogether surprisingly), he directs you to proceed in the direction directly opposite the one indicated by Hildibrand's keen inspector's sense, leaving you no choice but to divide your efforts yet again.
  • Among a pile of irrelevant potsherds you find what appears to be a pair of plot-relevant gloves. Odd, considering that you cannot recall if the Wolf Burglar ever wore them. But just go with it.
  • Yojimbo too cannot recall the Wolf Burglar wearing gloves, but states that, for lack of any other possible lead, you should let Daigoro try following the owner's scent since, for a mercy, the fragrant Namazu befuddling the dog's senses has exited stage left.
  • Sure enough, Daigoro has no trouble tracking the scent, leading you and the others to the Wolf Burglar, whom you spy from a distance. Well aware of the thief's rather vexing propensity for running away, you let the dog take the lead, only to learn that all it takes to distract Daigoro is a shiny gold koban hurled with sufficient force. For the umpteenth time, the Wolf Burglar seems poised to get away...until Hildibrand, with all his grace and beauty, unintentionally fells the thief's means of escape, allowing Shigure to tackle him and finally bring the chase to an end. Afterwards, Yojimbo verifies the Soboro Sukehiro's authenticity, and generously offers to take it back to Master Akebono, allowing you and the others to deliver the Wolf Burglar into the custody of the Sekiseigumi.
  • As the Wolf Burglar is carted off by the Sekiseigumi, you hear him muttering about the "true villain in your midst." Before you can think on these words, Master Akebono arrives, eager to receive the sword...which it seems was stolen by Yojimbo in yet another twist you really ought to have seen coming. Before storming off, a furious Akebono swears to Shigure that, should the ronin fail to recover the sword, he will ensure that his dreams go unfulfilled. Shortly thereafter, however, a certain Sekiseigumi takes no small joy in granting Shigure that which he has dreamed of for so long: a place among the protectors of Kugane. His first assignment: to track down Yojimbo and reclaim the Soboro Sukehiro. As a new recruit, Shigure has little to no resources, and must continue to rely upon you, Hildibrand, and Nashu for assistance. For their part, the inspector and his assistant are more than happy to oblige.
  • The path that led him to this point may have been most strange and circuitous, but Shigure is nevertheless glad to have walked it. Though he laments the loss of his hair, he holds out hope that the tonic Nashu promised to procure for him will restore it. Of course, he also hopes to bring Yojimbo to justice and secure the Soboro Sukehiro, if only to wash his hands of Master Akebono...