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The Black Wolf's Pups

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The Black Wolf's Pups

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Quest giver
The Peaks (X:15.7, Y:15.7)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario Quests
Experience 100,000
Gil 745
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Color of Angry Qiqirn
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestHomeward Bound
Side QuestDark Water
Side QuestHome Comforts
Side QuestAn Honest Day's Work
Side QuestBears over Flowers
Side QuestBeastly Bandits
Side QuestMidge Madness

Main Scenario Progress: 391 / 853 (45.8%)


Stormblood Progress: 12 / 162 (7.4%)


Lyse has never been one to ignore her conscience.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:


Wercrata's trail can be picked up by interacting with the Chocobo Feather at (X: 17.4, Y: 12.5, Z: 0.4).


  • Search for Wercrata's trail near the Ziggurat.
  • Follow Meffrid.
  • Speak with Meffrid.


  • Lyse has never been one to ignore her conscience.
  • Though you saved Wercrata from a grisly end at the hands─or more accurately the jaws─of the Qiqirn, you barely had a moment to speak with him before he fled the Ziggurat, exclaiming that he had to deliver the tributum in his care to the imperials. Needless to say, Lyse is reluctant to let him go, and insists that you follow the poor man─not to interfere, but simply to see that he makes it safely to his destination.
  • You spy a feather in the dirt, which Meffrid confirms is from Wercrata's chocobo. By his reckoning, the villager headed west past a collapsed bridge. Fortunately, there are plenty of places from which you should be able to observe Wercrata discreetly...
  • From a distance, you observe Wercrata meeting with the Skulls─a unit of Ala Mhigan conscripts, judging by their accents. The encounter soon turns violent, with the soldiers beating the prostrate villager while simultaneously berating him for defying the imperials and giving them reason to mistrust all Ala Mhigans. Unable to bear the injustice, Lyse rises to intervene but is stopped by Meffrid, who tells her that saving the man would only invite reprisals against his family, if not his whole village. For a mercy, the Skulls' commander eventually orders them to stop, as they are needed elsewhere. Wercrata will live to see another day.
  • It sickens Meffrid to the soul to see his countrymen doing the bidding of the viceroy. But they have made their choice, and he is prepared to cut down every last one of them if it comes to it.


Speak with Lyse

Lyse: Listen, [Forename], Meffrid...I think we need to go after Wercrata. 
Meffrid: Wait - you had better not be thinking of stopping him! You heard what they said - if they don't pay one way, they'll pay another! 
Lyse: I know that, and I don't want to interfere! I just...I just want to see that he makes it there safely. 
Meffrid: ...If that's the sum of it, then fine. Let's head down and see if we can't pick up his trail. 

Search for Wercrata's trail near the Ziggurat

In the dirt, you spy a chocobo feather
Lyse: Any luck? 
Meffrid: A chocobo feather, is it? Aye, by my reckoning, it came from Wercrata's bird, in which case... There's a collapsed bridge just around the bend. Hug the rocks and stick to the shadows. We'll find him soon enough. 

Follow Meffrid

Meffrid: Any minute now, I expect he'll come thundering 'round the bend and - Hear that? Get to cover, quickly now! 
Lyse: Are they imperials? 
Meffrid: Worse. Skulls. Listen, Lyse - whatever happens, stay hidden and do not intervene. Understood? 
Lyse: What? 
Skull Swordsman: You there - halt! You know you shouldn't be here...Explain yourself. 
Wercrata: Forgive me, sir! I-I came to deliver the tributum! 
Skull Swordsman: ...Oh aye? A likely story! Only a fool would dare to come so late. Or mayhap...a Resistance spy. 
Wercrata: No! No, you've got it all wrong! I was waylaid by bandits! It's not my fault! 
Skull Swordsman: I said halt! (Swordsman punches Wercrata, and picks up the goods)... Is this a joke? You don't seriously expect us to believe this is a fifth? How stupid do you think we are? 
Wercrata: (Kneeling, on the ground, with his hands out in front of the Swordsman). It is, I swear! On me mother's life... (Another Skull swordsman kicks Wercrata to the ground).
Skull Swordsman: Spare us. You came late, you lied about bandits, and then you tried to cheat the Empire of its due. 
Meffrid: (Lyse stands up, as if to get out of hiding). Think you can kill them all - including the ones watching from the tower? Even if you did, others would come for him - and his family. You'd just be condemning them all to a life of hard labor - assuming they didn't just execute them, that is. (Lyse relents and returns to hiding).
Lyse: But it isn't fair! 
Skull Swordsman: It's your bloody fault we're stuck out here patrolling this godsforsaken wasteland! It's your fault! I have to listen to people go on and on about how "Ala Mhigans can't be trusted"! I've worked and toiled harder than any man! I'm a citizen, godsdammit! And what are you!? A stupid, stubborn little dog who'd sooner bite the hand that feeds him and pine for the good old days!
Fordola: That's enough! Lord Zenos is expecting our report. 
Meffrit: I'll bet the poor bastard can't believe his luck. He gets to go home. We should do the same. 

Speak with Meffrid

Meffrid: I'd heard the commander was keen-eyed but gods, that was a near thing... It tears me up inside to see our own kinsmen doing the bidding of the viceroy. But they made their choice, and if it comes to it, I'll cut down every last one of them myself.