The Beast of Brewer's Beacon

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The Beast of Brewer's Beacon

Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7, Y:14)
Required items
1 Titanic sawfish icon1.png  Titanic Sawfish
1 Navigators brand icon1.png  Navigator's Brand
Gil 1,220
Previous quest
Feature QuestSo Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Next quest
Side QuestFeast of Famine

A Salty stalwart is the acting guildmaster Sisipu, but today she seems distinctly distrait.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:
Navigator's Brand turnin.png


See also: Big Fishing



  • A Salty stalwart is the acting guildmaster Sisipu, but today she seems distinctly distrait.
  • Her tart tongue reasserting itself, Sisipu urges you towards Fisherman's Bottom, where Wawalago awaits you with a distinguished visitor.
  • Wawalago and Ascelyn bend your ear until you can hardly stand straight─such is scholarship. All you need to note is that Wawalago needs a titanic sawfish from you. Take a lugworm to Cape Westwind to catch a Merlthor goby, then perform fishwheeling to net a wahoo. Another round of fishwheeling─or mooching, if you must─will allow you to get your hands on a titanic sawfish.
  • You present Wawalago with a titanic sawfish, and faced with incontrovertible evidence of your prowess, the guildmaster reveals that an Old One called the Navigator's brand lurks off the coast of the Brewer's Beacon, and can be caught using a yumizuno. Heed his gory tale well and equip yourself with care. Without a high gathering value, you will lose this beast ere you can raise it out of the water.
  • Wawalago regards the Navigator's brand with naked hunger, but has the wherewithal to officially recognize you as a fisher with skill enough to capture an Old One, if such a need were to arise. The guildmaster also reminds you that Eorzea is apparently full of big fish for a self-improving fisher to hone his skill on. Word is that rare fish will fetch a handsome price in equipment at Revenant's Toll, unless you prefer to consume several dozen servings of a lemon herb Old One on a bed of spinach.