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Sworn Enemies of the Sun

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Sworn Enemies of the Sun

Quest giver
The Azim Steppe (X:20.6, Y:22.7)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 216,000
Gil 830
Previous quest
For Love of the Moon
Next quest
The Undying Ones

Magnai has a new task in mind for you and yours.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Magnai has a new task in mind for you and yours.
  • You and your companions continue to enjoy the hospitality of the Oronir and their leader, the most radiant brother Magnai. As prisoners of the tribe, you have been coerced into performing menial tasks as expressions of tribute. Lord Hien, for his part, has treated the whole affair as an opportunity to learn more about your rivals in the Naadam. Alas, it seems he and Lyse will not be allowed to take part in your next duty─to reconnoiter the encampment of the Dotharl.
  • To encroach upon the territory of so infamous a tribe without first taking their measure would seem exceedingly unwise. Happily, if Gosetsu's map is to be believed, there is a colossal wreck to the south of the Dawn Throne from which the two of you should be able to survey Dotharl Khaa at a safe distance.
  • You observe two hunters beset by massive beasts. One falls before you can act, but the other may yet be saved...
  • You reach the embattled Xaela and slay the beasts in time to save his life. Alas, as you suspected, it is too late for his comrade. Moments later, you are confronted by Sadu, khatun of the Dotharl, who spares but a moment for her fallen kinsman before demanding to know who you are. She can barely contain her disdain when she learns you are friends of the Mol, though she affords you some token respect after you tell her of your intent to fight in the Naadam. For saving her fellow tribesman's life, she grants you leave to enter Dotharl Khaa, and then turns to leave─but not before telling the still-bleeding hunter to see to his comrade's corpse.
  • Though he recognizes Sadu as a woman not to be crossed, Gosetsu cannot contain his anger at the callous disregard she showed her own dead. Never one to bite his tongue, he seems intent on going after the khatun and giving her a piece of his mind.