Fen-Yll Fineries

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Fen-Yll Fineries

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Leatherworkers' Guild

Along with Sunsilk Tapestries in Ul'dah, Fen-Yll Fineries offers the highest of Eorzean fashion. So popular are the leather goods of the store's best artisans that customers commonly wait moons-if not years-between placing and receiving their order.

— In-game description

Fen-Yll Fineries is a landmark in Old Gridania, The Black Shroud.

Additional Information

Serves as the Leatherworkers' Guild and managed by Geva, Master of Fen-Yll Fineries. Osgyth is the Guild Supplier.

Leatherworkers' Guild Lore

For many years, the Trappers’ League has kept a close eye on hunters in the Black Shroud. Thus, in spite of the Twelveswood’s seeming abundance, animal hides are scarce and valuable. A group of artisans formed the Leatherworkers’ Guild to ensure the fair and impartial distribution of these leathers. They practice their trade with thanks ever in their minds, and gratitude for the animals whose lives they must take for their materials. As a consequence, the guild is careful to reduce waste to the bare minimum as they craft long-lasting, durable goods. This rigid creed has resulted in the realm-renowned Fen-Yil name, a brand synonymous with the highest quality work of the best craftsmen. [1]



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